All you need to know about the Triumph turn signal

The Triumph turn signal is an excellent choice if you are looking to upgrade your old stock ones. Made with the latest technology and resistant materials, these lights are easy to install and will make a big difference on the motorcycle aesthetic. The Triumph signal is compatible with all the modern classics. Go to our finished projects to see how they look on different models and styles.

Features of the Triumph indicator 

The stock turn signals that come with the motorcycle tend to be a bit bigger than most people would want them to be, the Triumph turn signal are smaller and give a cleaner and minimalistic look to the motorcycle. We like to make the installation process of all the turn signal models as easy as possible. This is the reason we make our parts and accessories following the plug and play technology. Designed exclusively for the modern classics, the new parts have the same anchor points as the original stock parts. Every model of the Triumph led indicators has a more detailed description with the complete information: measurements, color and power of the light, the motorcycles that are compatible with the turn signals, and more. On the description there is also a symbol that indicates how difficult the installation is going to be. Some parts are more complicated to install, so we recommend a professional mechanic to handle the process to guarantee everything is placed correctly and the motorcycle is safe to drive.


When we are not designing new accessories and parts to for the modern classics, we are looking for the best brands that also innovate with the latest technology to create the best products to personalize the motorcycles of the British brand.  The Triumph led turn signals and all the products that you see on the web have a two-year warranty. If you have any question about our products, the warranty, or the return policy, go to the Help & FAQ section or ask our team for more information.

How to contact our team

If you want more information about the installation of the turn signals, the shipping, or the customization projects, you will find several forms on the web that you can complete with your information and questions to send our team. You can also go to the contact section and choose between the different ways to contact our team.