Bonneville Dirt Track

Pushing the limits

The neoclassical Bonneville engines are, by its great versatility, converted into various styles, within the esthetic canon of the classic motorcycle. Pushing the limits, modifications that will never leave anyone indifferent, they are the Bonneville Dirt Track.

Bonneville Dirt Track

Skid racing

The Bonneville Dirt Track are unusual motorcycles characterized by this racing style, just like the mythical stunt and skid racing bikes, originally very popular in the United States.

Bonneville Dirt Track characteristics

Agile and comfortable

The Bonneville Dirt Track bikes are characterized, first and foremost, by being an agile and comfortable bike, which stands out for its clear front end, in which the presence of the headlight is eliminated and replaced by a square plate or dorsal in its place.

For traffic safety reasons, the part that emulates this part of the conversion on the Tamarit motorcycles includes a LED headlight. Another hallmark of these racing style motorcycles is the seat, which maintains its classic shape characteristic of skid racing.

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