Item description:

This item includes turning signals for both sides (1L/1R)

  • Completely unique, discrete design and functionality
  • Barely recognizable on handlebar when OFF
  • Extremely bright light to front side, well recognizable light output to rear side
  • State-of-the-art, high performance LED technology called IntensiLED
  • Electronic voltage conditioning and secure protection circuits
  • No need for turn signal indicator lights
  • Quite harmonious finish for handlebar end – especially when equipped with m-grip or other billet grips.The casing is made from CNC machined billet aluminium and available in mirror polished or black finished surface respectively. Two flush built-in M5 stainless steel mounting screws ensure secure and stable clamping of the push-button control to all handle bars.The push-buttons are of high quality, very robust design and vibration- and spraywater-proof (IP65).


How to install them?

Due its complexity, we encourage our clients to leave this installation to a professional.

Which Tamarit Motorcycles have installed the  Motogadget Turning Signals?

Black Pearl, Bizarra, Stalker, Speedster, Apalachia.

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