Brat Bobber

Coming from the country of the rising sun, Japan, the Brat Style is a trend that can create confusion, as we are talking about a hybrid concept between a classic motorcycle and a Bobber motorcycle, retaining elements and features of both styles.

Within this style, also known as Japan Style, we observe that the Brat Bobber motorcycles are stripped of all those parts that can be considered unnecessary with the intention of achieving a much purer, lighter and more agile motorcycle.

Brat style japon

Brat Bobber: fusion of styles

Just like the Bobber, everything unnecessary is removed in order to make them much lighter and more agile. They are usually based on bikes of 400cc cubic or less, hence they are much smaller than the Bobber, and are modified to resemble the Cafe Racer, although in the case of the Brat Bobber is not looking for performance but a good driving and are also fun.

Brat Bobber: comfort on 2 wheels

The truth is that the Brat Style is inspired by the Cafe Racer style with some Bobber details. The Brat Bobber is comfortable to ride thanks to the union of two classic styles, they are gaining more and more recognition and popularity.

Although they may vary in many details, they stand out in their classic design, wide tires, small headlight and thin and flat double seat. Comfortable to drive thanks to the union of two classic styles that are gaining more and more recognition these days.


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