Bike 76, a Scrambler 1200 XE transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles


Dakar, the authenticity of the extreme sport

The owner of the bike 76 is an expert in the Dakar Rally, as he has participated in this competition.

Customizable exhaust with a heat shield

The Tamarit team has developed a unique exhaust with a heat shield that does not conduct heat and can be customized.

Dakar exhaust

What makes Dakar even more special is that this project has been able to develop a unique exhaust on the market that repels heat and allows the bike to be customized thanks to the heat-resistant paint used in its manufacture.

Parts to enhance the Scrambler style

Other parts already available for Scrambler 1200 motorcycles have been included in this project.

Other parts that have been incorporated into this transformation are those that were developed in other projects for the Scrambler 1200 XE, such as the Alpine seat, Patagonia sump guard, Atlas customizable front and Sahara fender.

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Painted rims as forks and rear suspension

This project has matched the color of the Öhlins rear suspension and forks to the rims, which have been painted in the same gold color.

Dakar details

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