Triumph Bobber Headlight Grill

If you’re looking to add a touch of retro to your motorcycle, then you can’t go far wrong with a Triumph Bobber headlight grill. In fact, it’s no secret that bikers often use them solely for aesthetic purposes. However, although they may have hit new highs of popularity in recent year, these accessories have been around for a pretty long time. It may surprise you to know that they actually date back to World War II. With enforced brownout and blackouts pretty commonplace throughout the conflict, both civil and military authorities used headlight grills in an attempt to avoid being detected by aerial bombers after dark.

Triumph Bobber headlight grill benefits

This retro accessory is far more than just an aesthetic add-on. These steel wire mesh grills actually serve to protect your headlight from everyday damage. For those bikers who are fans of country roads, they serve to protect against stone chips, bug splatters, and other everyday abrasions and keep your headlight looking as good as new. Of course, if you’re riding this kind of precious cargo then you’re unlikely to be heading off-road. But in the unlikely event that you do, this net little accessory is sure to keep your headlamp looking as good as new and to protect it from any bumps and bruises. As a matter of fact, it’s also reported that using a Triumph Bobber headlight grill can help to protect the bike in the case of an accident. Since repairs can run expensive, it’s worth weighing up whether this minimal investment could pay dividends should you happen to take an unexpected tumble at some point in the future.

Why the Triumph Bobber grill is a must-have

Although these so-called accessories have been around for decades, their popularity in the biking world has skyrocketed in recent years. Interest with RE and Avenger bikers understandably peaked first on account of the brightness of the headlamps. In this case, they were used for more practical purposes, that is to reduce the luminosity for the benefit of other road users. However, popularity among Triumph fans would appear to be related for the most part to aesthetics. It adds a sleek, retro look to an already highly sophisticated motorbike and is a relatively inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your model. But that’s not to say that riders aren’t aware of the benefits.

Let us lend a hand

If you’re itching to add that retro touch to your Triumph Bobber but don’t know where to start, then why not help us at Tamarit Motorcycles help you out. As Triumph Bobber experts, we’re able to advise you on all headlight grill-related questions and to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We can provide you with all the information on the benefits of adding a headlight grill or any of our other accessories to your bike. We’re also able to fit any accessories for you, so you can ride away from our facilities with a slick new look.