All about the Triumph Bonneville SE fender

The different models of Triumph Bonneville SE fender are handmade by the best professionals using very resistant materials. This 2009 model comes with short fenders, but there are no limits when it comes to customizations. Upgrading this part can completely change the overall look of this motorcycle. You can browse the customizations we have done with this Bonnie to see the different styles and upgrades.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville SE mudguard

All the models of Triumph Bonneville SE fender on the web are made with fiberglass. They are available in all shapes and sizes and there is a wide range of colors to choose from, you can also leave it unpainted with the fiberglass visible to have it painted at home. The fenders have the same anchor points as the original parts made by the British brand because they follow the plug and play design. This characteristic makes them very easy to install with some basic tools and in only a few minutes. To see the exact measurements, the compatible motorcycle models, the available colors, and the complete description, go to each product information page.


When an order is placed on the web, it takes 72 hours to arrive to its destination. If a client request a part to be painted, the shipping time goes up to 15 days. The waiting time is longer to respect the painting and drying process the product needs to be perfect. Every part and accessory is carefully packaged to make sure there is no damage during the delivery. To know more about the shipping and the return process, go to the FAQ or contact our team.