Tamarit Magic

Following the information gathered during the phone call or video conference, the magic of Tamarit comes to life. Our creatives, including Quique Berna, the company's founder, roll up their sleeves to create something unparalleled. This process may take several days to craft a detailed presentation of your project.

After this conversation, we will request a payment of €350 for the motorcycle design. This amount will be deducted from the final budget if we decide to embark on the motorcycle's creation together. This payment ensures exclusivity and covers the extensive hours we will be investing in designing together.

Budget questionnaire

By completing a budget form on our website, you present us with a series of questions that allow us to understand your needs. Once the form is filled out, within 24 to 72 hours, an expert from our team will get in touch with you by phone. If you prefer not to receive a call, you can schedule an appointment with us at a time that suits you. During this call, we will have a questionnaire designed to assist us in shaping your project.

Budget and Prices

The price of our motorcycles is as distinctive as each of the models we craft; it's unlikely that you'll find two identical quotes. We uphold a transparent pricing policy with the aim of forging lasting relationships with our customers. We tailor our offerings to your preferences or agreements made in our discussions. Design, indeed, has an impact on the final cost of the motorcycle.

The price of our motorcycles is determined by considering a list of components (based on their market value), a set of tasks evaluated by hours (at an hourly rate), and various operational expenses, such as transportation or the purchase of a donor motorcycle, among other factors. We don't apply a markup for our brand.

This budget will be available in your personal area, where you can access all project details.

For us, what is truly priceless is being able to offer you something unique in the world, designed especially for you.

Client presentation

The presentation is conducted by screen sharing, alongside Quique Berna, founder of the company and director of design and product. We will spend an hour discussing what we have specially designed for you.

The presentation includes drawings, inspirational images, the sketch of your motorcycle, the budget, and all the answers to any questions you may have about our way of working.

Furthermore, you will have access to our private area, where you will find all the details related to your experience with us. At any time, you can access it to download the presentation, make annotations, download important documents, and check your budgets.

Specialization and donor motorcycles

Working with the same engine all the time has made us truly knowledgeable about the product, brand specialization being one of the most important values.

In the aforementioned questionnaire, we will discuss donor motorcycles. The motorcycles we use are carbureted, fuel-injected, and new generation motorcycles. We work in two ways: we either buy the donor motorcycle for you, or you bring the donor motorcycle to us.

We primarily work with the used motorcycle market, as in some cases, we remove up to 90% of the factory motorcycle parts.