Triumph Scrambler Black

What differentiates a Triumph Scrambler Black from a Triumph Scrambler? As the name says, it is the black color that dresses almost the entire body of the bike, especially the engine.

Black is the color par excellence that best represents the off-road character of the Scrambler. This tone has the great virtue of being elegant and aggressive, providing a performance look, but classic at the same time. A safe bet that you know you will never abhor.

Just because a Triumph Scrambler is considered Black, does not mean that it is the only color you can dress your bike with. In Tamarit is possible to combine it with any other color, chrome, gold, silver, etc. Tamarit listens to your prayers.

triumph scrambler triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler Black bikes from Tamarit

From Tamarit's workshop we have customized Triumph Scrambler Black motorcycles that have left no one indifferent. This is the case of bikes like Tata, Valhalla, Goima, MaYa1, Husky, Niza, Brisa and Number 216. Do you dare to be the next owner of one of our exclusive Triumph Scrambler Black?


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