In-house painting and design

Everything is at home

One of the strongest added values that our motorcycles have is that all processes are developed in the same workshop and each one is performed by an expert professional. By having the convenience of having everything we need in the same place we reduce processing times and increase the quality of it.

A great advantage

The control of what we do

The decision about the paint and patterns of the bike is one of the most desired and eagerly awaited choices by the client of a Tamarit. The importance of carrying out this process in our workshop gives us the control to decide your design up to the last moment and to adapt to any change.

Counting on the experience of more than 35 years of our painter, the client is participant of the whole painting process through which his motorcycle goes through, from the moment the color is decided until it moves to our drying cabin of 16 square meters of amplitude.

Enhanced experience

It’s up to you

Whether you have it clear or not, at Tamarit we advise you from the possibility of choosing between various shades, to the extraction of color from a sample using a spectrometer. If the client wishes to provide us with a color sample, we use this device that captures and scans the color and returns the codes and components necessary to replicate it. In short, we project the design you have in mind and bring it to life.

A prodigious mind

Designs without limits

We can say out loud that we have an inexhaustible source of ideas, the mind of our designer and project manager Quique Berna. As a result of his passion for motorcycles and the constant search for inspiration to create unique designs in the world, Quique always manages to hit the key in each design and get a noticeable and continuous improvement in each of them.

Such is his inspiration, that we have hundreds of designs and sketches that have not yet come to light and which we propose to our clients adapting to what we consider to be their tastes and preferences.

Different and varied techniques

More than just paint

In addition to the choice of color, our painting techniques and finishes are unlimited: from glossy, matte, gold leaf or polished, to different types of lacquers depending on the desired finish.

In the case of fiberglass, the paint goes through different processes that involve long hours of work: the part is sanded, putty and rigged to match its texture and eliminate any flaws it may have. Once it is left to dry in our booth, it is sanded again with fine sandpaper and water. To achieve the desired color, we use single-coat paint systems, consisting of a single color, or two-coat paint systems, consisting of a color and lacquer.

The painted parts go through a drying period called curing and crystallization process, after which the part becomes resistant to shocks. Once this process has been completed, the part is polished again to remove any specks of dust that may have adhered to it, resulting in a flawless part.

Gold leaf details

The star technique

The origin of the gold leaf technique can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. In Egyptian society, the color gold was closely associated with the gods. Thus, gold leaf was commonly used as decoration in the rooms of the pyramids where the pharaohs were buried.

The color gold is associated with abundance, prosperity and well-being, as well as masculine energy. In Tamarit we like to use it to decorate and give life to the details that dress our motorcycles. In some like Silenzio Bruna or Rubita, you can appreciate the incredible result of this technique and how such a small detail can totally change the final appearance of a motorcycle.

In our workshop, we perform this technique with a special glue, some strips that serve as a guide and some gold leaves that are deposited on top of the glue when it is still fresh. It is a process that requires meticulousness and delicacy to ensure an optimal result.

This technique is achieved by extracting the gold leaf from thin sheets.

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