125 Ongaku

Music to the ears

The Japanese word, Ongaku, means music. And that is what this project means to us, music to the ears. After all the work done on this classic Scrambler, it is a real pleasure to see and hear it riding on the roads of Madrid.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe


The largest builder of Triumph bikes

Our added value is our specialization in Triumph neoclassic engines, this has made us the world's largest specialist in these engines. Nobody has created so many motorcycles with the same Bonneville engine, with more than 125 unique motorcycles presented on our website and about 50 that we have not presented.

Our main value is the specialization and know-how we have acquired with each project.

Engine and Style

Scrambler ²

Scrambler 900 bikes are usually associated with the more aggressive off-road or racing genre, but this engine is also perfect to represent that classic Scrambler style, endowed with the most timeless beauty.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe triumph bonneville 900 cafe racer tamarit circe

Colors and design

Classic harmony

The beauty and elegance of this bike is the result of the combination of colors and the gold leaf technique. Greyish blue, white and gold details. An aesthetic that together with the brown color of other components, creates a classic harmony but without losing a bit of Scrambler grandeur.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe
triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe

Gold leaf technique

A masterpiece

Gold leaf is the technique of applying very thin sheets of gold on different materials, usually for decorative purposes. In the case of the 125 Ongaku motorcycle, the gold leaf was applied by hand, stitch by stitch.

This process has been very common among the great works of art of modernism.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe triumph scrambler 900 scrambler style tamarit ongaku

Custom seat

Two-seater seat, split into two

Leaving behind the painting but not the aesthetics, we come to one of the components that stands out most within the project, the seat. A piece made especially for this bike and has two parts (pilot/passenger) completely separate. 

Note that the front part has been placed on an iron plate to ensure its shape, while the rear has been made a hole in the back to adapt the fender.

triumph bonneville 900 cafe racer tamarit circe
triumph bonneville 900 cafe racer tamarit circe triumph scrambler 900 scrambler style tamarit ongaku

Continuing with the classic aesthetics of Ongaku, for the seat upholstery, this time we opted for brown suede leather. This material has a velvety feel and achieves that classic effect that was sought for the new Scrambler project.

Providing continuity in the design, the front part of the seat has been embedded into the tank. In this way, the lines of both parts merge and unite for a more fluid design.

Handmade exhaust

Ongaku, sound

For Ongaku has also been made a handmade exhaust that has been adapted by hand for this model. In addition, we have also created those grids that can be seen on the exhaust pipe and that serve to prevent the hot part of the exhaust from coming into contact with the rider's leg.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe

The exhaust, in addition to having been adapted for this project, has also been subjected to a chrome plating process as the rest of the metal parts that make up the bike.

Chrome plating

A handcrafted work

In this project a chrome plating process has been carried out on parts such as the seat posts, the shock absorber or the engine. It is a chemical process that leaves the parts of our motorcycles shining like a mirror. Chroming, nickel plating or brass plating a part takes hundreds of hours of manual work and craftsmanship.

This process differentiates us and positions us as a premium motorcycle brand.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe

When projects are taken to a classic style, chrome plating is usually the order of the day, although not always the same parts are chromed. In Ongaku's case, almost all the metal parts of the bike, including the chassis, have been chrome plated.

Electronics and devices

Classic technology

This bike maintains a classic aesthetic, so it has chosen to incorporate Motogadget's Motoscope Tiny speedometer with a more compact and analog design. It is accompanied by the Mo.Unit blue engine control unit, which allows you to connect your smartphone to the bike, controlling every detail. In addition, the turn signals (front/rear) and handlebar switches of the same brand have also been installed.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe triumph bonneville 900 cafe racer tamarit circe

The installation of the odometer has been thanks to one of our brackets, specially made to fit this component on our motorcycles.

Motogadget's control knobs are button panels capable of operating all kinds of electrical features: lights, turn signals, starter, horn, etc. Only 3 buttons to give life to your bike.

Approved by engineers

Build for you

The projects are tailor-made for each of our customers and then approved by engineers to comply with the basic standards that allow passing the vehicle inspections/MOT tests.

After finishing the transformation of the motorcycle, if the transformation requires it, our engineers carry out the homologation of a technical project by which the motorcycle is allowed to circulate freely with the modifications made.

triumph bonneville t100 caferacer tamarit circe

The front of the bike features our Scrambler front end, customized with the bike's colors and gold leaf technique, one of Ongaku's most striking pieces. Also visible are the Sahara fender, the numerically controlled triple trees and the headlight grid.

triumph bonneville t100 caferacer tamarit circe

For the Ongaku, the home damping has been upgraded with new Hagon Nitro shocks absorbers.

triumph bonneville t100 caferacer tamarit circe

Another change is on the rear wheel, where you can see the gold plated chain or the installation of our chaincover.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe

At the rear of the bike, the rear fender has been created and adapted to fit the seat. Also including a rear light.

triumph bonneville t100 caferacer tamarit circe

Another important component are the Ruby covers, which have been customized with the colors and emblem of the project. They are also equipped with K&N power filters.

triumph bonneville t100 caferacer tamarit circe

On the underside of the bike our Hummer sump guard has been fitted.

triumph bonneville t100 caferacer tamarit circe

At the controls of Ongaku we find chrome Kustom Tech levers, new mirrors, brown grips and various brass details on the handlebars.

triumph bonneville t100 cafe racer tamarit circe

Last but not least, we can also highlight the Galfer brake discs and pads.

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Come lavoriamo

La mia Tamarit

Godetevi un'esperienza personalizzata quando comprate la vostra moto con i servizi di Tamarit Excellence. Scopri tutti i vantaggi di cui puoi godere come parte della famiglia Tamarit.

Oltre 135 moto realizzate

Tamarit Motorcycles è diventata la più grande impresa a livello globale nella trasformazione di motociclette con motore Triumph, un vero e proprio punto di riferimento nel settore.

Grazie a questa crescita è nata la famiglia Tamarit; un fortunato gruppo di persone che può godersi la moto dei suoi sogni e che fa ormai parte di tutto ciò che rappresenta Tamarit Motorcycles.

Stili e motori con cui lavoriamo

Che stili fate sulle moto Tamarit?

Cafe Racer: Queste moto di solito hanno una sella monoposto; semi-manubri e un portamento aggressivo.

Brat Style: Moto comode per due persone, manubrio alto e grande per poter assumere la posizione giusta.

Scrambler: Sono le moto adatte per le strade di campagna.

Dirt Track: Un concetto molto americano per dei modelli di moto fatte apposta per delle derrapate su ovali di terra.

Premium: Moto ibride difficili da catalogare con un solo concetto o stile concreto.

Su quali modelli di Moto Triumph lavorate?

Lavoriamo con tutti i motori della gamma Modern Classics di Triumph.

Triumph Bonneville 900, Triumph Bonneville T100, Triumph Bonneville T120, Triumph Thruxton 900, Triumph Thruxton 1200, Triumph Thruxton 1200 R, Triumph Thruxton 1200 RS, Triumph Scrambler 900, Triumph Scrambler 1200, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Street Scrambler, Triumph Speed Twin, Triumph Bobber y Triumph Bobber Black.

Devo avere una moto?

A) Se avete già una moto Triumph: Se siete già proprietari di una moto Triumph potete utilizzarla come base di un nuovo progetto. Ritiriamo la moto da qualsiasi parte d’Italia.

B) Se non avete una moto Triumph: Nel caso invece non abbiate già una moto, il team Tamarit ne troverà una giusta per voi, una che si adatti al vostro progetto.

Prezzo, spedizione e scadenze.

Qual è il costo di un progetto Tamarit?

Il prezzo delle moto Tamarit viene calcolato in base alle parti di ricambio utilizzate e alle ore di lavoro necessarie per sviluppare il progetto. I prezzi sono consultabili attraverso il modulo del preventivo a disposizione sulla nostra pagina web.

Come vengono spedite le moto?

Le moto vengono ritirate e consegnate direttamente a casa vostra. Disponiamo di un servizio di trasporto che ritira o consegna la vostra moto in qualsiasi parte.

Quanto tempo ci vuole per realizzare un progetto?

In media il progetto di una moto Tamarit viene portato a termine in un intervallo di tempo che varia dai 90 ai 180 giorni. Durante questo periodo il proprietario della moto riceve un report settimanale/quindicinale relativo allo stato di avanzamento del progetto.

Garanzia sui progetti Tamarit

Una volta terminato il progetto e ricevuta la vostra moto Tamarit direttamente a casa, potrete godervela senza preoccupazioni per un anno.

Le moto Tamarit, infatti, hanno un anno di garanzia sul progetto di trasformazione e durante questo periodo il nostro team fornisce un supporto personalizzato.