Julina Motorcyle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Julina story

Despite that it seems that all the makeover stories from Tamarit are the same ( client who doesn’t have a motorcycle and the project starts from scratch, or the client purchases parts for his motorcycle and ends up requesting a project ), the fortieth motorcycles project from Tamarit Motorcycles started on a pretty long and twisted way. Manu, Julina’s owner, acquired a beautiful Thruxton 1200 R (the crown jewel, no doubts), and a little time after riding his bike wanted to modify the Thruxton with some Café Racer parts he bought from the official dealer.

Manu was truly impressed with the Tamarit Motorcycles parts and accesories, and bought all the range available for the Thruxton 1200 appearing in our catalogue : Mónaco seat, Tamarit belly pan, front short fender, rear fender eliminator kit … etc All the parts were painted in Silver Ice as Manu’s motorcycle and were sent to the capital city. Who could have guessed when we were sending the parts to Madrid Official Dealer that those parts would be installed in our project number 40! (on that moment we only had barely 20 projects so far.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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Few months would pass until Manu, without telling the Official Dealer, thought again about installing custom parts on his bike. He visited our online shop and bought the just released customizable engine badges. This time would be the first time we would contact Manu, who told us as well who he was and the parts he previously purchased from us through the official Dealer in Madrid few months ago.

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He was pretty sure about what to paint on the badges, “Julina” on the big one and a #51 on the smaller one. A few weeks later, Manu visits the shop again and gets the oval side cover, again customized with a golden 51 on black. Unfortunately , the side cover was sent wrong and the spikes placed in reverse, so we phoned him in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible, that was the first time we spoke directly with Manu.

That call resulted in a great feeling between Manu and Quique, our parts and project manager, and eventually he sent to Manu exclusive pictures of the lastest project of that season, Dakota, which was completed and ready for its introduction. Manu was astonished with the looks of the motorcycle, specially because it was exactly the same donor bike as his, a Triumph Thruxton 1200 R Silver Ice. And Quique still remembers Manu’s words: “Would I’ve known, I would’ve given you the whole bike to modify it”

Manu didn’t hesitate by accepting the project budget and signing the Triumph custom motorcycle project number 40 of Tamarit Motorcycles.

So be it, we carried Dakota up to Madrid and we carried Julina all the way down to Elche, both Triumph Thruxton R doing opposite paths. After almost 2 years that the last Thruxton projects Babieca and Sombra were made, we got to build another pair of Thruxtons back to back.

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We met Manu and María, his couple, we had lunch together and picked the motorcycle up in the carries but most important, we discussed about the future design of the Thruxton. Quique brought to the table a few designs made for the occasion, because the design guys were been working the week before like non-stop in order to have some sketches where Manu and Maria could do the choice. Things went pretty smoothly, since Manu and Maria actually chose the one that was our favourite as well so nothing else to discuss on that manner.

What moved undoubtely the whole Tamarit team was the fact that the name and number of the bike, Julina #51 , was named after Manu’s mother in-law, who sadle passed away some time before and he wanted to do some tribute and memorial to her in return for all the support she gave him.

Despite the motorcycle was almost complete concerning Tamarit parts, there were a few last minute additions. The Tamarit Oven never stops and for the project donor bike there were new parts available such as the X pipe and the new side covers for Thruxton R, also included and custom painted for the project. An extra fact was that instead the exhaust wrap, the manifolds were painted with ceramic paint heatproof up to 1200 degrees.

A cafe racer project which we are truly proud of, because of the results and how satisfied our client was, but also for the sentimental background, something significantly valuable for us as well.

There won’t be two equal bikes.

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