Item description:

The Atlas front mask pack consists of the fiber glass part, metal brackets and all nuts and bolts necessary. This part is valid for the new generation Scramblers (1200 XC and 1200 XE). You can order this part unpainted (fiberglass finish) or painted as the client desires. Once the order is placed, please contact us through to tell us which number, shape or colours do you wish to be featured on the mask.

Level: Very easy

As mentioned, you can set the part by yourself and the required time for the installation won’t be more than a few minutes.

You will need the following hardware: 6 Allen key, 10 wrench key. Ratchet tool use is recommended.

Materials employed:

All Tamarit parts are handmade with the best materials available on the market. The Atlas front is made of fiberglass and the brackets are made of iron.

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