All you need to know about the Triumph Bobber side panels

The Triumph Bobber side panels are handcrafted with high-quality fiberglass, aluminum, polyurethane, and metal. This classic motorcycle has been around since the 60s and it is one of the most popular models of the British brand. Upgrading the stock side covers can be a great way to give your ride a personal touch.

Tamarit Triumph Bobber side panels

The Triumph Bobber side panels are made with a combination of the best materials and professional craftsmanship. The designs are simple and elegant and there are several options for every personal style. The Bobber is a modern classic with a lot of history and an elegant style, changing the side covers is a good way to start personalizing this motorcycle.

Features of the Triumph Bobber side panels

The side covers are handcrafted, paying special attention to the details. They are made using high quality fiberglass and polyurethane, which creates a long-lasting accessory. We paint the side cover using a wide range of colors which include the original ones used by Triumph. You can personalize the Triumph Bobber side panels selecting a number and a design and letting us know through our email. The shape and size are different for each model, this way you can select the one that better complements your motorcycle. You can also order the side cover unpainted, to customize it at a later time, or select one of the available colors.

Installation of the Triumph Bobber side panels

The installation process is very simple, it can be done at home using basic tools and in a few minutes. The Triumph Bobber side panels have the same brackets as the original, so it is only a matter of removing the old stock part and replacing it for the new one.

Warranty and return policy

If the Triumph Bobber side panels arrive and there is something wrong with them, let us know and we will fix it! We search for the best parts and accessories so you can enjoy them on your motorcycle. All our accessories and parts have a two-year warranty. If you simply change your mind about your order, you have a 30-day period of time to contact us and return the product, as long as it is in perfect conditions. If there is shipping damage, contact us immediately, do not throw away any boxes or receipts. If you want to know more, consult the return policy, or contact our team.