Bay area (San Francisco) Motorcycle builder

Tamarit is one of the biggest and best custom motorcycle companies in the world. Our focus on excellence in custom bikes manufacturing has enabled us to reach the highest heights of success.

We are expanding our horizons and continuing to grow as we keep building bikes day by day. Our goal in custom motorcycle builder in the Bay area (San Francisco) is to build a bike that surpasses the boundaries of your imagination and one which was meant just for you.

Custom Bike Builders Bay Area (San Francisco) Services

For our Bay area (San Francisco) motorcycle builder we offer two possibilities so our customers can choose whatever they feel best suits their needs. We can start the project using a bike you already have as a base by shipping it to our facilities and the project will start right away.

However, don’t worry if that is not your case as our team in Spain will look for the suitable needs of your bike and your style. As soon as it is completed it will be delivered to your front door.

Custom Motorcycle Builder

Custom motorcycle builders Bay area (San Francisco)

Want to take a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge while contemplating the wonderful views? Have you ever imagined crossing the bridge over Yerbabuena Island as you feel the sea breeze in your hair? With us, you have the chance to do just that.

You can contact us via email or give us a call to share your thoughts with your Bay area (San Francisco) motorcycle builder

With the help of sketches, you will get an excellent result which brings your ideas to life. We will be at your disposal and at every single step we take we will keep you informed about how the motorcycle building process is going.

The customers motorcycle builders in the Bay area (San Francisco) follow 5 simple steps for the building process:

1 Contact

2 Quote

3 Sketches

4 Transformation

5 Delivery

Custom Motorcycle Builder

Visit the custom bike builders in Spain

Want to see what and who is behind the whole motorcycle building process? If you are interested in discovering how we create rides, then we’re offering you the opportunity to come to Spain and have lunch with our team as you share your ideas. We will be delighted to receive you and listen what you have to say.

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More than 100 motorcycles built in just five years

We are a reference in the sector because of the reputation for excellence that we have earned. This is due in large part to the exclusivity of Triumph engines. The love and passion we all share for motorcycles is what has helped us to grow as a family.

Our main purpose is to create a bike that you feel it is meant for you. We like what we do, and what we do is to discover the style of every single customer, make them feel comfortable with their rides, and live up to their expectations. We are committed to our mission, and we can assure you your experience with Tamarit motorcycles will be unforgettable.

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Custom Motorcycle Builder

Customer testimonial

“These people are just amazing, they’re listen to you, they came with their ideas and they just make it happen.”

Félix M. Bike #45 Appalachia

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