Husky Motorcycle

A scrambler bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Husky’s story

In a world where distances are narrowed down little by little each day thanks to technology and instant comunication, even designing a motorcycle project without eye contact is possible. The Husky project, which sets the notch number 44 in the already long rifle from Tamarit Motorcycles, will be remembered as the first project that was made from the beginning to the end without neither client or company ever met physically. However, we can state without any regret that it has been the client whom the best conection we’ve had so far, where Tamarit clearly hit the bullseye on the first shot : 1 design, 1 proposal and the bike hit the workshop.

Needless to say that we truly thank Rafael all the trust he put on us along the weeks that the project which story you’re about to read took to be made. Rafael contacted Tamarit during the first weeks of the current winter, however, perhaps the idea of “winter” differs significantly from client to business, since Rafael currently resides on the world famous Lucky Islands, nickname for the Spanish Canary Islands, where it’s warm continuously all the year long thanks to it’s location way south. This circumstance set clear the project would have to be delivered by ferry, the same way as many other projects whose destination cannot be reached through road.

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Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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The client had the Concept for his bike pretty clear from the beginning, a Triumph Scrambler style which acting as a time machine, could be brand new our from a shop 40 years ago. Rafael and the Tamarit Motorcycles crew connected very quickly and just a few days after, he bought on Spain mainland a second hand Triumph Scrambler that would serve as a great donor bike, which send directly to the Tamarit Motorcycles headquarters, located at the Spanish White Coast.

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As we said, Husky was a single shot project, which only needed one single proposal. Due their passion for the Modern Classic stuff, the Tamarit Crew needed only one sketch to get the “Yes!” from the client, which is an achievement for a project that began with just the motorcycle bought at the after market. The result was an 70’s style scrambler, clearly a tribute to the Steve McQueen’s old Husqvarna, with the engine all black coated and chromed rims. Front and rear fenders were made in alluminum and following the scrambler style essence, the exhaust on the higher place was kept as well. Perhaps the most noticeable part of this project are the covers painted in yellow as well as the fuel tank in bright red, white and steel finish.

The seat part was basically the same as we did before with the Hidalgo project, a two-parts seat, with the floating number plate that brings us back memories from the motorcycles of our childhood: Montesas, Osas, Roas… etc. The results obtained with this seat are very satisfactory both for us and the clients who want that seat to be installed, which for the moment is impossible to be manufactured in order to sell, since it’s a one time made-to-measure part.

Husky showcase

One of the parts that we enjoy the most is the showcase party night, once the project is finished, we summon everyone to our showroom to have a beer and some snacks and to support the client’s new motorcycle. The client itself is the one who always have to pull the lever to discover his new dream bike, surrounded by all the modern classic motorcycle community.

The Husky project, as you probably have read, had the peculiarity of the client living thousands of kilometers away, at the Canary Islands, therefore the showcase was never held due obvious reasons.

We would have been really glad to be with Rafael at the moment of the unveiling and to see the big smile that always takes shape at our client’s faces.

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The exhaust system clearly needs a separate mention because it’s also one of the elements that truly pops out once you see the motorcycle for the first time. Provided by the well known italian masters ZARD, the exhausts from the Gold line definitely fits as a perfect scrambler adition for the project. Moreover, another imported parts that would be included on the project are the Shock Absorbers from the brand YSS, the cross handlebar from the brand Renthal and obviously, the tyres to be included on the project are none others but the Continental TCK80, the most obvious choice for a motorcycle with these features.

The parts from the Tamarit catalogue also included on the Husky project are the front fender “Grand Bastard” and the “Hummer” sump guard, always featured on these kind of projects. The Triumph custom bike was completed with minor elements such as the alluminum footrests and the stainless steel, which were a great adition to the rear part.

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Speaking about great aditions, it’s the front fairing the one that clearly stole the show. We could adapt a classic cross front fairing on cased on the headlight with the grill as well, fairing which has already been comented about since the motorcycle was released with several sneak peeks on the social media.

A unique motorcycle with several details and features, which final result we love. It truly has the capacity of bringing you back to the seventies. We only hace to wait for Rafael’s face, who would love the result as much as we do. Unfortunately, we can only but to imagine Rafael’s face, since under the client’s request, there was no party held at the Tamarit showroom, and the crew wanted to fulfill the desires from the clients, therefore he was the first one ever to see the Husky project outside the Tamarit crew. While we’re writing these lines at our website, Husky is already on the way to the Canary Lucky Islands.

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