About the Triumph motorcycle shocks

The Triumph motorcycle shocks we have available on our website are reliable and high-performance shocks, made by the renowned brands Ohlins and Hagon, using the latest technology and the best materials.

The modern classics series of Triumph are models with a long history in the motorcycle word and a unique style. These motorcycles paired up with high quality shock absorbers create a unique aesthetic and a comfortable riding experience on any road.

Features of the Triumph suspension

The Triumph motorcycle shocks are made with stainless steel, a resistant material that is very easy to maintain. Even if the brand names are a seal of quality on itself and the materials are high quality, the shock absorbers have a two-year warranty.

If you are looking for a suspension upgrade, they are very easy to install and can be adjusted to make the motorcycle higher or lower, depending on the riding preference. On the motorcycle section on the web you can find all the customization projects we have done using this product.

The shock absorbers are compatible with every model of the modern classics. On the description of each product there is a display where you can select your motorcycle model. There you will also find a more detail description of the installation process, the tools needed and a step by step instructions, and a form where you can ask our team any question about the product.

Plug and Play

As we are experts of the modern classics, we focus our attention to some specific models of the British brand. Because of this, all the parts and accessories we create are easily placed without an instruction manual. This is because we made them with the same anchors as the original Triumph parts.

This is what we call Plug and Play, to be able to install the product by simply removing the old one and placing the new one, without mechanics or experts. Even if the installation of the Triumph suspension is simple, you can contact our team to ask more specific questions.


We understand that when buying online you want your order to arrive as fast as possible, and in perfect conditions. The delivery time for all our items is 72 hours once the order is placed. For the elements that require a different process, like a part that is going to be personalized in a different color, the delivery time is 15 days maximum.

Our team prepares orders every working day, securing all the packages to ensure every motorcycle part arrives without a scratch.