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The great work behind this piece.

After selling more than 1500 seats all over the world, this product that you see today has been improved over time. And to be totally clear with you, we are going to tell you how to make what you get at home.

We have 3 molds per seat: the outer framework, the inner framework and the seat base.

The outer framework and the inner framework are joined together. With the seat base, we put a black rubber so you don't get cut and we inject them to get the foam. This foam, together with the base, is sent to an expert who makes the upholstery of your seat by hand.

We paint the outside of the seat in the color of your bike. We have more than 30 RAL colors that the brand has been bringing out.

In this step, we already have about 5 different hands and comes the critical part, the anchors, bolted and quality control. We have rebuilt all the chassis with which we work, to test each of the seats we make before packaging and shipping.

If you appreciate this work "Made in Spain", add this product to your cart. If you don't value it, no problem, you can always go and look for another plastic seat.

Write us and we will try to solve it asap.