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Far beyond motorcycles

We not only advise you to get the bike you are looking for, but we accompany you in the process and long after you have your Tamarit motorcycle ready to enjoy it.

Personalized customer service

Friends forever

We offer personalized attention to each of our customers, not only before the purchase of the bike, but also after it. Tamarit Motorcycles team will be there to help you whenever you need it.

Professional from the beginning

Signing of a contract

For the client's safety, when starting a motorcycle project, a contract is signed in which it is stated that Tamarit Motorcycles will be in charge of the project and with the specifications previously agreed between both parties. After this step, is then when the process of creating the new bike begins.

Wherever you are

International shipments

Tamarit motorcycles know no borders, they already travel the roads of half the world. We have a company specialized in international shipments that takes care of the transport of Tamarit motorcycles until their arrival in the country of origin.

Always safe

Approval with engineers

We have a team of engineers and a laboratory that, after the creation of the motorcycle and if the modification requires it, carry out the homologation of a technical project. With this technical project, the motorcycle is allowed to circulate freely with the modifications made.

Always legal

Regulations of each country

The motorcycles are designed from the beginning to be built under the regulations of the country where they are going to circulate. In this way, we make sure that the motorcycle complies with all the legal requirements to be able to enjoy it.

2 years covered

Brand warranty

Breathe easy. Tamarit motorcycles offer a 2-year warranty so you can forget about unnecessary expenses and just enjoy what's important, your new motorcycle. The guarantee that only a motorcycle brand can offer you.

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By your side

Tamarit Extras

There is even more. Our team offers a series of extras for those who are part of the Tamarit family. We have an advisory service for any changes you want to make to your bike. Or you can even visit our facilities to spend a few days with our specialists.