Dirt Track Style

All our motorcycles works are based on Triumph Modern Classics. This is our transformed custom bikes catalog for clients of different origins.

Where does the Dirt Track come from?

The origin of Dirt Track dates back to the beginning of the 20th century in the United States. At first, these races started in wooden ovals with an up to 45 degrees slope. In those days, the category was known as Board Track, and they rode bicycles. When motor and speed were introduced, these races became extraordinary shows with the same amount of risk. The lean of the slopes drew the bikers inwards, so in case of accident it was impossible to evacuate them. To mitigate these safety issues, it was decided to bring these races to dirt tracks, keeping the oval shape of the circuit.

Thus, one of the most notorious category at the United States was originated. Afterwards it would be spread worldwide, including Spain, where we have enjoyed of four years of Superprestigio Dirt Track, a race in which Marc Márquez has been the line-up main star for the last three editions. The first race in Spain was held in 1929: the Dirt Track Barcelona race was held in the Estadio de Montjüic, British bikers only. On the other hand, the Dirt Track Madrid races took place in the Metropolitano, former Atlético de Madrid stadium.

Dirt Track bike: Characteristics

The Dirt Track bikes have a pronounced all-terrain character and an aggressive design, clearly made for off-road paths. This is the reason why this bike is one of the most demanded for those who look for a transgressor one, meant for action. Despite being a relatively new style, we like to go for strong designs with personality, so we had to make room for these Triumph bike builds in our catalog.

“To build a makeover of this kind we must take higher risks in the choice of its parts.”

Broadly speaking, it could be said that Dirt Track bikes have a more minimalistic style, as they lack of front fairing, fenders or side fairings. The depriving of these parts have the intention of achieving the most aerodynamic shape possible, in order to increase the speed during the contest. It is also to be remarked the adding of fork covers instead of the front fender. And speaking of the Dirt Track tires, the common thing is to use rubbers with rain tread patterns and 19 cm rims.

How to build a Dirt Track

To know how to build a Dirt Track, we should keep in mind the particular character of the accessories for Dirt Track bikes. This style has been inherited from the purest tendency of dirt drifting race contests, so we find designs really far away from any other classic styles canon. To build a makeover of this kind we must take higher risks in the choice of its parts.

All these considerations led to the creation of the most radical parts of our catalog, as the front Dirt Track fairing or the Dirt Track cowl, firstly created along Moto Veloz. We opted for this style since we started to design accessories, and nowadays these parts benefit with a great demand among those who look for a different build for their bikes.

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