All about the Triumph Bonneville turn signals

The Triumph Bonneville turn signals are high quality items compatible with all the models of this classic motorcycle. Made with the latest technology and resistant materials, this Triumph Bonneville turn signals are a great asset to change the style of the motorcycle. The Bonneville first came to the market in 1959 and today is still one of the most popular of the modern classics’ series thanks to its versatility and timeless looks. Browse our customization projects to see how upgrading the turning signals can change the aesthetic of this traditional motorcycle.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville indicators 

The Triumph Bonneville led turn signals have a powerful light without being too big, making them ideal for a minimalistic look. They are made with durable materials to endure any bumps they may get along the way. We always try to make the installation process as simple as possible, so with some basic notions of mechanics and at home you can place them in a few minutes. However, in the case of elements with an electronic design we highly recommend that a professional handles the process to make sure everything works correctly when you need them the most on the road. Go to each turn signal description page to see the exact measures, the color of the light, the compatible motorcycle models, and complete installation instructions. There is also a form where you complete your information and can ask more specific questions about the turning signals to our team.


We ship the Triumph Bonneville front turn signals locally and internationally. The delivery time for orders that have to be personalized is 15 days, if the order does not need to undergo any modification, the delivery time is 72 hours. The team takes all the security measures to package the order, so it arrives in perfect conditions. All our products have a two-year warranty. If you have any question about the shipping process or the return policy, go to the Help and FAQ section of the website, or contact our team for more information. 

How to get more information

If you want to know more about the Triumph Bonneville led indicators, our products, or the return policy, go to the contact section on the web. Once there you will find several options to contact our team, it is only a matter to choose the one you prefer.