All you need to know about the Triumph tail tidy

The Triumph tail tidy is handcrafted from tough materials and the latest technology to ensure long life and performance. The British brand's motorbikes have a long history in the market, all models share the same elegance and simple styling, but each has its own style and personality. The Triumph fender eliminator kit gives a simpler and more aesthetically pleasing look to all of them, creating a new and unique look. Browse our website to find the customisation projects we have done with the modern classic series using these kits. 

Triumph fender eliminator features 

The Triumph tail tidy is a part that allows you to remove the rear fender for a more sporty and minimalist look, also used to attach the number plate and indicators. They are compatible with all modern classics manufactured by Triumph and are designed using our plug-and-play technology, making them very easy to fit. It's as simple as removing the old stock rear mudguard and replacing it with the new eliminator. For a more detailed installation process go to each product description, where you will also find the tools you will need and a form to ask our team questions about fitting to your bike.

Plug and Play

At Tamarit we like to make the installation process of our products as easy as possible. That's why we manufacture our parts and accessories using plug-and-play technology. Designed exclusively for modern classics, the new parts have the same anchor points as the original standard parts. In the description of the Triumph tail tidy, there is always a symbol indicating difficulty. Some parts are more complicated to fit, so we recommend that a professional mechanic carries out the process to ensure that everything is fitted correctly and that the motorbike is safe to ride.


Waiting is perhaps one of the worst things about online shopping. We work hard every day to get each package to its destination as quickly as possible. Once you have placed your order online, it takes 72 hours for your motorbike part to arrive at its destination. To find out more about the Triumph fender eliminator kit, go to the item description or contact our team. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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