All you need to know about the Triumph headlight

The Triumph headlight is made by the best professionals, following simple designs, and using the latest technology to improve the riding experience when it is most need it on the road. The Triumph models are motorcycles with character and a unique style, but they are also very versatile and can be modified to better reflect the personality of every driver.

Some features of the Triumph headlight

Some Triumph headlights available on the web are slightly smaller than the original stock ones, ideal for a setting with an upgraded speedometer. The powerful beam light is covered by a highly resistant cover, to protect it against any impact on the road. Besides this, we also offer a two-year warranty. We like to make the installation process as easy as possible, but in the case of the headlight, it may be a bit complicated because you will have to move the electric regulator. We recommend someone with mechanics and electronics knowledge to handle the placement or going to a professional garage.

More about the headlights

They are compatible with all the modern classics. On the description of each headlight you will find a display where you can select the model of your motorcycle. There, you will also find the exact measures, a more detailed installation instruction and the tools needed, the name of all our projects that have this product, and a form to contact our team for any other information you want about these headlights.


The waiting is perhaps one of the worst things about online shopping. We work hard every day to ensure every package reach its destination as fast as possible. The delivery time goes from 72 ours to 15 days depending on the product. If the part or accessory has to undergo a personalization process the shipping time is a bit longer. In the case of the headlights, the waiting should not be long. To know more about the products, go to the description of the items or contact our team. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

How to contact our team

If you have any questions about the shipping or the return policy you can go to the FAQ or to the contact section on our web, there you have the Parts and Accessories support box with more information, the help center, and a WhatsApp number you can use to text us your questions.