Tamarit Triumph Street Scrambler seat

With the clear off-road style of this motorcycle, the Triumph Street Scrambler seat has to be just as wild.

With these models, comfort is everything, but we cannot lose style, with the right design and materials the seat maintains its elegance and comfortability.

Triumph Street Scrambler custom seat

Acquiring a Triumph Street Scrambler custom seat is an excellent idea to personalize a motorcycle. The designs for these seats are inspired in the custom projects we have worked on based on this model.

The seat is created with the original model in mind, that is why the installation can be done by anyone without the need to have a great knowledge on mechanics or leave it to a professional. It is as easy as replacing the old seat for the new one.

Triumph Street Scrambler aftermarket seat

The colors of this seat can me personalized to match the style of every motorcycle, the most popular color for the upholstery among our clients is black. Brown, camel, and red are also available. They can also be painted with the original colors used by the British brand.


We know that when you buy online you want the part to arrive fast and in perfect conditions. The delivery of the seat takes 72 hours, or 15 days when it needs to be painted, the seat is well protected to go through the delivery process without a scratch. 

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