All you need to know about the Street Twin rear fender

The Street Twin rear fender has a simple and elegant design that works perfectly with the styling of the Street Twin. Handcrafted by the best professionals, these rear fenders are made with a highly resistant material and created to personalize the style of one of the most versatile motorcycles of the British brand.

Features of the Triumph Street Twin rear fender

There are different designs of the Street Twin rear fender and each one has their own measures. They go from 30 to 60 cm, and everything in between to better fit the style of each motorcycle, the personal preference of each driver, and guarantee protection on every road. To personalize the rear fender even more, you can also select the color between the ones available on the description or leave it unpainted so you can personalize it at home. The installation process is very simple because the fenders follows the plug and play design that we implement on every part and accessory we create. This way you can install and enjoy your new fenders as soon as possible.  You can browse each rear fender’s description page to know the exact measures, the step by step installation process, a list of tools needed for the placement, and a form where you can contact our team directly and ask specific questions about the part and its compatibility with you motorcycle.


We ship all of our motorcycle parts and accessories all over the world. We make sure the most fragile products are carefully packaged so they can endure the trip without any incidents, this way you can install them on your motorcycle and enjoy them in no time.  Once the order is placed, the shipping from our warehouse to its destination takes 72 hours. If the part has to be modified or painted for a client, the delivery takes 15 days to respect the whole process it has to undergo. If you have any questions about the shipping times or the rear fenders go to the FAQ or ask our team, we are here to answer all your questions.

Plug and play

This is the term we use to describe the products that very easy to install. The placement is easy and do not require experts or mechanics because we consider the original anchors of the original part while designing each part and accessory.