Triumph Thruxton exhaust

The design of the Triumph Thruxton exhaust goes perfectly with the styling and the personality of this motorcycle.This model has a unique style, without losing the elegance so characteristic of the modern classics, the Thruxton is more imposing and sports-like. Browse the section dedicated to this model to see our finished projects and how these exhausts look on different styles.The Triumph Thruxton exhaust combines the technique of the best professionals with high-quality materials to make a long-lasting part. Enjoy the latest technology in the manufacture of Triumph Thruxton exhausts.

Features of the Thruxton custom exhaust

All of the Thruxton custom exhausts made for this model are made using stainless steel, a resistant material that will endure several miles on the road. It is also easier to maintain than other materials often used to make exhausts. Besides the long life given by the material, the part also has a two-year warranty.Most Thruxton exhaust pipes currently on the market are not EU approved, but many of ours are. Check the description of each one of them to make sure they are approved if you drive on the European Union.

Installation of the Thruxton aftermarket exhaust

For the installation, there is no need to modify the motorcycle, which makes the process much simpler. Despite the process not being difficult we recommend you get the opinion of a professional to make sure they are placed correctly.We also recommend restarting the ECU once you have installed the new exhausts.

The Triumph Thruxton exhaust sound

The sound is one of the main features to evaluate before purchasing the Triumph Thruxton exhausts. Within each of the product pages, you can listen to how they sound and evaluate the one that best fits what you are looking for.Compare all their features and remember that you can resolve any questions through the form of each of the parts or by sending an email to


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