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Behind Tamarit

Behind the name of Tamarit Motorcycles there is not only a great team of professionals in mechanics, painting, electronics and others. But the office has not only Customer Service but also specialists in Graphic Design, SEO, Marketing, Copywriting or Translation.

Behind every bike, there is much more than what you can see on the web. In this article we are going to show what goes on in the office, the warehouse, the workshop and everything behind Tamarit.

360º Creativity

In-house content

I’m running this show. Maybe you could summarize what we do a little bit like this, and that is that all the content is made in-house.

Behind the office

Communication and image

Nothing is random, everything you can see about us is well thought out. Behind all the communication or the image we project, there is a complete team that is in charge of transmitting everything the brand needs.

Behind the warehouse 

Order management and CS

Another neuralgic point in Tamarit's management is the warehouse. Every day we take out dozens of orders for Tamarit parts that we have developed previously, also at our facilities. This is also where Customer Service comes in, managing the large number of forms, emails and calls we receive every day from all over the world is an arduous task.

Behind the set

Our own set in our facilities

Within our own facilities, we have a set of more than 120 square meters, where many of the photo shoots of the motorcycles that you can see on our platforms are made. Even more special sessions, audiovisual content that deserve their own space on our website. We have mounted some "circus" that other. 

Behind the workshop

Much more than mechanics

This is where Tamarit motorcycles come to life. In the workshop area the bikes are completely disassembled, the chassis is made from scratch, new parts are created by hand, all the electronics of the bike are made, the necessary components are bought, it is painted, reassembled and checked for correct operation. A series of processes that require a high level of knowledge in the sector. All these processes are also worked on together with an engineer on the payroll and always under the supervision of the Project Manager.

Behind the facilities

1500 square meters

All of the above is possible thanks, in part, to our facilities. We have a 1500 square meters industrial unit with 3 floors divided into: workshop (basement), exhibition/warehouse (middle floor) and office/set (second floor).


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The brain of the Tamarit

The brain that we put in our motorcycles has the ability to connect to your cell phone and give a huge list of information.