Custom Cafe Racer

The difference between the extraordinary and the conventional, the gap between what everyone else can get and something unique according to your dreams is narrowing now more than ever. At Tamarit Motorcycles we build the Custom Cafe Racer you always dreamed of just by telling us the idea you have.

Why a Custom Cafe Racer?

When you build a Custom Cafe Racer, you are immediately giving it a distinctive character and personality. Bringing your personal taste in every detail and design makes you create your own unique piece adapted to your needs and preferences, having the certainty that there will not be one like yours in the whole planet. In Tamarit Motorcycles we have years of experience and, therefore, we know how to shape that bike that you can't get out of your head.

triumph thruxton 900 cafe racer jade

Tamarit gives it the distinctive touch to your Custom Cafe Racer

One of the idiosyncrasies of Tamarit Motorcycles is that we firmly believe in the specialization of Triumph motorcycles, which, after a large number of transformations delivered to our clients around the world, has become a reality.

This exclusivity and specialization is an advantage rather than a restriction, not only because Triumphs are the best motorcycles for this type of transformations, but because in the end the fact of dealing with the same motorcycles always makes you the best in them.

We are not just an ordinary workshop located in Spain, we want to be the AMG of Mercedes, the Brutus of BMW or the Singer of Porsche. Tamarit intends to be part of that select group of specialized companies in the motor world creating uniques pieces such as the Custom Cafe Racer.

18 different Custom Cafe Racer models

In Tamarit Motorcycles we work with the neoclassic Triumph motorcycles models, that is to say, those that are within the Triumph Bonneville, Triumph Thruxton, Triumph Scrambler or Triumph Street Twin families.

The neoclassic models are the models with which the company feels identified, obviously we have nothing against the Street triple or the famous Rocket, but we simply do not consider them a good base to make a transformation of Tamarit.

This does not mean that these bikes can not be transformed, although it is not our style.

Within these families of neoclassics there are different versions, Bonneville Carburetor, Bonneville 1200cc, in total since 2001, 18 versions of motorcycles with which we work in our workshop. Among them, we create unique pieces such as our Custom Cafe Racer.


Motorcycle engines

Models we work with.

Doubts about which bike to choose? Get to know all the models we work with.

Custom Cafe Racer: Retro character

The Custom Cafe Racer is the mother style of the whole neoclassical trend. It is mainly dominated by stylized transformations with a retro look and a leaning position on the bike. Most of the classic British style projects are usually single-seat motorcycles with the footrests set far back.

Custom Cafe Racer: In the style of your own choice

In addition to the Custom Cafe Racer, the Tamarit client has many more styles to choose from at his disposal. From styles that are clearly for everyday urban use to stylish classic concepts that make the bike practically a museum bike.


Motorcycle styles

Styles of Tamarit motorcycles.

These are the styles we build on our motorcycles. Find out which one suits you best.

Custom Cafe Racer: Crown jewels

At Tamarit we also have premium motorcycles that are not categorized into any of the styles mentioned above. They are practically works of art ready to be put on the asphalt, obviously committed to comply with the regulations of each country so that they can be ridden with peace of mind and comfort, unlike Harley Davidson show bikes.

triumph thruxton 900 cafe racer jade

We are leaders in Custom Cafe Racer

No one on the planet has transformed as many Triumph motorcycles as Tamarit, with dozens of projects of unique motorcycles in the world to the client's taste and made reality for him with our help, true Custom Cafe Racer bikes. In the same way that Tamarit believes in specialization, it also firmly believes in exclusivity and in the value of something unique in the world: Tamarit Motorcycles is committed to all its clients to deliver a unique and inimitable project, which will never be repeated by this firm.

We go wherever you are with your Custom Cafe Racer

Tamarit's frontiers do not end with making motorcycles in Spain. To date, there have already been several motorcycles that have crossed the ocean to the United States, as well as to several European countries (France, Belgium, Italy) and obviously we want to continue conquering new territories that are part of our map in the collection of exclusive motorcycles.

Custom Cafe Racer at its peak

A passion for our work, a vibrant and enthusiastic community, and an active development team are the secret formula for everything Tamarit Motorcycles has built so far.