Modern Cafe Racer

The timeless style that characterizes the Cafe Racer is more evident than ever in their versions that offer a more modern image than other neoclassics on the market. Maintaining the esthetics of the British Cafe Racer style, these modern motorcycles bring out their Racer side and arrive to leave us speechless with their power and top speed. The most modern Cafe Racer with more power and better performance make their way with the Triumph Thruxton R and Triumph Thruxton RS models.

Modern Thruxton 1200 R

Thruxton 1200 R

The Triumph Thruxton 1200 R is to date the jewel in the crown of the Triumph neoclassic range. A more powerful, better equipped and better finished motorcycle that has ended up being a benchmark of today's motorcycling. The "TTR" as it is called by enthusiasts, is the motorcycle called to satisfy any demand that any classic motorcycle enthusiast can put on the table: the modern Cafe Racer.

Modern Thruxton RS

Triumph Thruxton RS

For its part, the Thruxton RS has established itself as the most contemporary of its family thanks to its improved engine and driving performance. Features that make it stand out as the preferred choice for Cafe Racer style transformations.

The sporty esthetics of the Thruxton 1200 RS are reinforced in the neoclassical world thanks to the incorporation of more sporty elements and details that make it the most modern and versatile Thruxton and modern Cafe Racer.

Modern Cafe Racer motorcycle

Engine and style

A modern Cafe Racer is the perfect union between engine and style, two concepts without which it would be very difficult to understand the work not only of Tamarit Motorcycles, but also of all the neoclassic motorcycle builders in the world.


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