Cafe Racer Style

The essence of Cafe Racer style

Cafe Racer style motorcycles are not defined by a single style, but are characterized by their great versatility towards a classic and traditional style or performance and sporty. The essence of the Cafe Racer style lies in the ability to adapt to different preferences. Our goal is that the qualities of the client's personality are reflected in their Cafe Racer style motorcycle and that this ends up being an extension of their identity.

The essence of classic Cafe Racer style motorcycles lies in the attention to detail and finish.

From careful and elegant chrome plating, to comfortable single-seater seats and even tailor-made front fairings with great character.

On the other hand, in the essence of the most perfomance style lies the spirit of competition. The nouns speed, high performance and technology perfectly define its distinguished characteristics that make its driving experience so exciting.

Classic Cafe Racers

The characteristics by which we differentiate these more traditional Cafe Racer style motorcycles are varied. All of them share a neoclassical style made for lovers of the most purist lines, ensuring very competitive performance and capabilities.

Over time the techniques used in the aesthetics of the motorcycles have been defined and strengthened to the point of becoming an equally important pillar as the mechanics. In addition, a classic motorcycle can not miss some dreamy chrome that make the motorcycle look great. The meticulousness with which the chrome plating is applied is undoubtedly one of its strong points. Its high quality results in vibrant finishes that reflect the attention to detail and the precision of a well-performed craftsmanship.

The front part is mainly dominated by the front fairing, which is undoubtedly one of the pieces of design that most reflects the personality of the rider. At Tamarit Motorcycles we can tailor-make the perfect front fairing that best suits your preferences.

At the rear, the handmade personalized seats, either gel or cushioned, and the hydraulic monocoque frame stand out. All these features and many more, depending on the particular model, make possible the creation of our unique works on two wheels.

The performance Cafe Racers

These motorcycles have their own characteristics marked by a sporty style. And all their features share a common denominator: they are designed for speed, to enhance performance and to equip the motorcycle with high-performance technological components.

At the front we find low, sporty handlebars that emulate the Cafe Racer of the 50's, with that competitive and rebellious spirit that characterized them so much. In addition, some of them have a shock absorber that helps to reduce sudden turning movements, which improves the performance and safety of the motorcycle. Unlike classic motorcycles, performance motorcycles have single-seat seats and resistant materials designed exclusively for each project.

For a Cafe Racer to be considered a performance style motorcycle, it is necessary that it has qualities such as lightness to make the motorcycle more aerodynamic and, as a consequence, faster. That is why also, at the rear, we find the leaning position of the rider thanks to the set back footrests that will also help in this process.

High-performance parts such as lighting and avant-garde technology are among the best components on the market. Also, by having larger capacity tanks, they can reach their maximum power and thus enjoy the adrenaline rush that these legendary engines provide.

How we work

The process to get a Black Cafe Racer Tamarit Motorcycle begins by filling out a simple form that will set the guidelines for a first contact with the team and in which we hope to know the idea of conversion that you propose.

Afterwards, we send you a personalized budget, the first sketches that will shape the conversion of the motorcycle and the contract to formalize the process. These steps are essential to begin to give shape to what will later be reflected in the final result.

If you do not have a motorcycle, the conversion is done with a motorcycle specifically purchased by the Tamarit team, to fit perfectly with the project. If, on the other hand, you already have one, Tamarit picks it up at your home and brings it back once the Cafe Racer conversion is finished. In both cases the conversion takes between 90 and 180 days until the motorcycle is delivered.


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