How we build our motorcycles

Tamarit Processes

For the creation of the Tamarit, a series of handcrafted processes are carried out, which have been perfected and industrialized to achieve a unique result, to which many hours of work and dedication are dedicated.


Design of our motorcycles

Each new motorcycle begins a design process in which it is endowed with its own personality. They all go through the same process but with very different results. The inspiration for the Tamarit is very diverse, for us there is no standard in terms of motorcycle design.

Each one has its own history and its design has a lot to do with it. Their inspiration can come from the shapes of nature, from more futuristic concepts or from homages to other emblematic classics.


Unique pieces

The parts are custom-made for the projects through a long process, created from scratch and made exclusively for each bike. The process of creating such a piece can take between 50 and 200 hours of work.

Made first in plasticine until the desired shape is found, then the piece is obtained and a handmade process of sanding, polishing and painting begins.

Color selections

Painting of our motorcycles

The painting part of the process goes first through the design department, which is in charge of selecting the patterns and colors that best fit with the final set.

Once the shapes and parts to be painted are clear, the next phase is carried out in our facilities. The paint booths give life to the final design and provide that personality we always talk about.

Comfortable and functional

Tailor-made seats

A unique piece, in the end that's what our work is all about. And in a piece as important as the seat, it was not going to be less.

The seats of the projects are created from scratch almost as if it were a unique piece. But it is not only an aesthetic improvement, but also a functional one. With top quality materials that provide greater comfort on the bike.

Premium technique

Chrome, brass and nickel plating

A technique that few dare to perform but with an impeccable result that gives greater strength to the metal parts and enhances the classic aesthetics of the bike.

No matter the size, we chromed from the emblems of the projects, to a complete chassis. A work that resides, above all, in the polishing of the part prior to the chrome bath.

Complete change

Electronics and technology

The electronics of the bike is completely changed and simplified, resulting in a more refined electronics and equipped with the best technology in the industry.

From a tangle of meaningless cables, we synthesize and group the electronics of the bike to relocate it in a smaller space. A process that requires time and high knowledge of electronics.

Accompanying the new bike electronics, the projects include technological components that improve the riding experience and allow you to take control of the bike. Elements such as these are the control unit, the brain of the bike, or the adaptive headlights, capable of following the rider's movement and adapting to it.

Selection of components

The best of the best

Throughout our more than one hundred creations, we have carefully selected the best brands that share our vision.

The best of the market in performance components to provide the bike with a sporty improvement in performance.