Tamarit Triumph Speed Twin seat

The 2019 model has a lot to give in terms of customization, the Triumph Speed Twin seat is a great part to give the motorcycle any style without losing comfort.

Browse our website to discover all the parts for this model as well as the transformations we made using the speed twin as a base model. The seat allows to start a customization at home, one part at the time.

About the Triumph Speed Twin custom

A custom motorcycle carries the personality of the brand and also the style of its owner, upgrading parts like the seat is the best way to start giving the motorcycle its own character.

Features of the seat:


The seats are made with fiberglass and polyurethane of the best quality, handcrafted by the best specialist that give every piece great attention. As for the design, we focus on the basics, leaving all unnecessary accessories aside, going for a simple, elegant, and comfortable seat for every style. 


There are four different colors of upholstery: black, brown, camel and red. Black being the most popular among our clients. The seats can also be painted with the original RAL colors used by Triumph.


The plug and play feature allows a very easy installation without needing a professional. It is as simple as replacing the old seat with the new one.

Triumph Speed Twin aftermarket seat

There are a few things to consider when looking for a new part for the motorcycle, especially if it is a key part like the seat, which can change the whole riding experience. It can also be a major key in the completed style of the motorcycle.

The design of the seats leaves aside all unnecessary accessories, prioritizing ergonomics, and comfort. The foam of the cushion, along with the rest of the materials, allows a comfortable ride and a part that will last throughout time.

Whether is for long trips or an everyday use, a solo seat or a dual one, an urban modern style or a more classical one, make sure is the right fit for you and your bike. 


When you buy online there are two things to take into account: the time and the integrity of the part. The shipping process takes 72 hours, for the painted seats it takes 15 days. Our team ensures the correct packaging to protect the seat during its delivery.

If you have any questions about the seat or the shipping, you can go to the product description, the FAQ or contact our team. We are happy to answer all your questions!

About Tamarit Motorcycles

In Tamarit we collaborate with the best experts and professionals to design and develop the best accessories. To the expert craftsmanship we add high quality materials that allow us to create a comfortable and stylish seat that can resist every ride.

We work to create unique and high-quality motorcycle parts to share with modern classics lovers from all over the world.