All you need to know about the Triumph Thruxton 900 fender

Made with a very resistant material and following elegant designs, the Triumph Thruxton 900 fender is a very resistant part and an excellent addition to this motorcycle. This classic model is one of the most popular among our clients. Even if it has a very characteristic look, the 900 accepts all kinds of upgrades, so each driver can create a unique style for their motorcycle. Go to our customized projects to see the transformations we have done with the Thruxton 900.

Features of the Triumph Thruxton 900 mudguard

The Triumph Thruxton 900 fender is handmade using fiberglass. A very flexible material the becomes extremely resistant once the part is finished. The fenders can be personalized in several colors of silver, red, or black. The come in different sizes to better fit the look of every motorcycle. The installation of the Triumph Thruxton 900 mudguard is very easy and can be done with minimum mechanical knowledge. It has the same anchor points as the original part, so you only have to replace the old fender with the new one.

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