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Tamarit Motorcycles is known worldwide for its custom motorcycles. Its European origins and its 100% Spanish DNA give it a style and elegance that is nothing if not unique.

In just two years, Tamarit Motorcycles has gained global recognition and has become the largest manufacturer of custom motorcycles with a Triumph engine in the entire world.

Our mission is to make your biking dreams come true, to create the motorcycle you’ve always wished for so you can leave your mark on history.

Custom bike builders New England Services

Set on making use of the services of custom bike builders New England and wondering how to proceed?

Well, the good news is it’s very simple. The first point to clarify is whether you are the proud owner of a Triumph motorcycle or not. If the answer is yes, and if you want to use it as a basis for your project, just send it to us and we will get started with the customization process.

If you don’t own a Triumph motorcycle, then don’t panic. Our team will find the best one for your project.

Once your bike is finished, we will send it directly to your home, so you can get out and enjoy it as soon as possible.

Custom Motorcycle Builder

Custom motorcycle builders New England

Do you have a project in mind that you want to put on paper? Do not hesitate to contact your custom motorcycle builders in New England by email to present them your project.

The Tamarit team will do its best to get back to you as soon as possible. Once you are in contact with them, you can present your project in more detail so that they can understand the vision you have and thus be able to create the bike you’ve always dreamed of.

To make your project a reality, custom motorcycle builders in New England will follow five steps, summarized below:

1 Contact

2 Quote

3 Sketches

4 Transformation

5 Delivery

You will of course be keep informed of all the progress the team make with your project in real time.

Custom Motorcycle Builder

Visit the custom bike builders in our facilities in Spain from New England

One of your dream is seeing how your motorcycle is made while enjoying the Mediterranean sun? Well, it’s possible! But since our workshops are in Spain, you’ll have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to pay us a visit.

By visiting our workshops, you will have the chance and the privilege to see the whole transformation process (which is super exciting!) and to chat with our teams who will be more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

Tamarit Motorcycles

More than 100 motorcycles built in just five years

100 is the number of motorcycles we’ve built in just 5 years. This is an impressive number that shows how Tamarit Motorcycles has made its mark on the world of custom motorcycles. It also represents the number of riders who have trusted us with their precious projects.

It is their trust has enabled us to grow and improve. Thanks to them, our professionalism, our passion, our creativity, and our commitment are recognized by motorcyclists all over the world today.

That’s why we want to thank our customers who are now part of our Tamarit family.

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Supported by more than 50 media

Among all these media are included:

Custom Motorcycle Builder

Customer testimonial

“These people are just amazing, they’re listen to you, they came with their ideas and they just make it happen.”

Félix M. Bike #45 Appalachia

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