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Tamarit Motorcycles is your reliable Triumph bobber motorcycle builder. There is no other company that equals the experience, skills, commitment, and quality that Tamarit Motorcycles gives to each and every one of its custom motorcycles.

We are experts in Triumph engines, and above all, in one of its most recognized models, the Triumph Bobber. This motorcycle model first became popular in the United States in the early 1920s as an upgraded version of the Harley Davidson “J”, and in 2017, Triumph engines began designing its motorcycles inspired by the early Bobber models. If you want to experience how it feels to ride a Bobber, we recommend contacting us and using us as your bobber motorcycle builder.

More than 100 motorcycles built in just five years

Coinciding with the release of the Triumph Bonneville Bobber, Tamarit Motorcycles began operations in 2017 and since then we have become synonymous with luxury and excellence when it comes to the custom motorcycles sector.

We want our customers to be part of our family of more than 100 satisfied customers. Our mission is to help them to build the motorcycle of their dreams. Our service is completely exclusive to each client, which gives them the opportunity to own a completely unique motorcycle in the world.

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Triumph Bobber Motorcycle Builder

Over the years of our existence, we have perfected a working system in which we manage to develop all our ideas and implement them on the motorcycle, as well as involving the customer in the process, always bearing in mind their needs and opinions. Our bobber motorcycle builder project consists of 5 stages:











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During the building process, the client receives a personalized treatment with a biweekly report on the status of the project. Once the transformation time is over, the motorcycle is sent to its destination place without any complications.

Triumph Bobber Motorcycle Builders’ services

Our Triumph bobber motorcycle builder’s service offers two different routes of work to our customers. In the first one, if our customer already has a Triumph Bobber motorcycle, we can transport it to our nearest workshop and carry out the project using that motorcycle as a base and once the project is completed, the customer will be able to collect it from the workshop.

In case that our customer does not own a Triumph Bobber motorcycle or wants to make their project with a new one, we offer a catalog where you can see all the models that Tamarit Motorcycles can work with. If our customer chooses this option, the project will be carried out in our workshop at Spain and once it is finished, we will send the motorcycle to our customer’s door, no matter where they live.

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Visit the custom Triumph bike builders in our facilities in Spain

For those customers who want to see firsthand the building of their motorcycle, we offer a trip to our headquarters in Alicante where you can meet all the members of the Tamarit family and

resolve any doubts you may have about your project. Do not hesitate any longer and call us to get started as soon as possible on the project of the motorcycle you have always dreamed of with the best bobber motorcycle builder.

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“These people are just amazing, they’re listen to you, they came with their ideas and they just make it happen.” Félix M. Bike #45 Appalachia