Himalaya Motorcycle

A scrambler style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Himalaya Story

After almost a decade modyfing motorcycles and once been worked with almost every modern classic model from both editions of the new age of classic motorcycles made by Triumph, there was a particular model that still didn’t enter our workshop in order to be transformed into a full project: the new Street Scrambler. The Street Scrambler was born as the new all – terrain alternative on the new generation of liquid cooled motorcycles. Just as the Bonneville and Thruxton were designed to use them on asphalt and urban grounds, the Street Scrambler was clearly meant to live a run off road.

Despite most of the parts range we have for the scrambler are the same as the ones for the Street Twin since they share the same frame and chassis, we wanted to work on new concept and bikes such as the new scrambler. And we say “new” because we’re noticing a new trending vogue among our clients that want an scrambler concept to be applied on a carb modern classic and ride it far away from the asphalt areas. Almost half of the last ten projects done by Tamarit are Scramblers : Hidalgo, Husky, Appalachia, Niza and now HIMALAYA. Who said that Tamarit only worked Café Racer? The more styles the merrier.

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A gentleman called Angel contacted us at January, asking warily about the cost of a full Triumph transformed bike project, because before troubling us and asking for too much information he wanted to know if he could afford a full project by Tamarit Motorcycles.
The day after we called Angel back, we talked with him a little and he told us about what he looked for. His idea was a high Scrambler, with exhausts place high as well and very confortable to ride. Always towards adjusting the budget to what our clients can afford, we propose him to acquire a second hand Triumph Scrambler air cooled, but Angel wanted to open a new section at Tamarit Motorcycles website and decided to start the project with a new generation Street Scrambler.

Said and done, just after a week from the first contact with Angel and without seeing each other’s faces we had his future motorcycles in our facility in order to begin our 48th project, which would be named Himalaya. The first big task that we had to face was to cut down the frame in order to get a shorter and narrower seat because, this is in our humble opinion, one of the flaws that the default motorcycles have. One of Angel’s desires were a seat that could fuse with the fuel tank at the front part, and that’s what we wanted to achieve, a seat that could merge with the tank at the front, and extremely short and narrow at the rear.

Once the seat was finished. it turned to be a concept pretty similar to the Tramontana seat, a very important part on air cooled models, but we would include a little twist to it: We would change the rear tail light with a Led inserted on the frame, which looked really good and different. After the tailight, we worked on the other part that clearly steals this motorcycle show, a giant sump guard Dakar style, but with some adjustments still to make: we had to attach a PIAA foglamps, just as the Infected project, at the sides of the sump guard. Because there were no spare parts in order to attach this kind of lamps to a custom sump guard, we had to make all the parts and bolts up to measure in order to make a proper attachment.

Other parts that were developed during this project were the new generation Dirt Track side cover, also to be released and ready to be sold on our website afterwards. A part that really reminds of the old “Moto Veloz” side cover, square shaped and ready to be installed on this type of motorcycles. As always, this fiberglass would be a customizable part according to our client’s desires, who would be the one who would choose number to be painted and colours.

The Street Scrambler project would be accompanied with other parts from our cataloge that you can check out in our website, parts suchs as: the stainless steel chaincover, rear view mirrors, motogadget turning signals, short front fender, grill, two line bracket, etc…
Along the regular Motogadget devices, as imported parts we can mention the right tyres for a transformation of this kind, the TKC80 and a truly stunning Zard 2 in 1 Exhaust that would be installed on the high part of the motortcycle side, just as the canon commands on this bikes scrambler styled.

About the colour, truth is that Angel was sure about it, but little by little the white colour was gaining ground little by little during several of the sketches we were working with, and finally the client decided to paint the motorcycles in white. Different colour shades that would escort the white were Tamarit Motorcycles idea, and the result was greatly welcomed both by workshop and owner. As graphic work, Angel wanted to include the number 411 on the side, we don’t know the reason for this number but we’re pretty sure that he’ll explain to us with some beers involved.

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