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Carmela’s story

After almost twenty bikes already transformed by the Tamarit Crew, many of them have been riding all around Spain and even some parts of Europe. Last year (2016) we received an invite from Revival Of The Machine magazine, to attend the very first revival party, held in Madrid. It was a truly acknowledgement to this humble company, being Revival of the Machine a magazine dedicated mainly to custom classic motorworks and its lifestyle.

The event took place in a old train station, with enough room to house the creations of more than 50 builders, which had to bring one or two motorcycles to show. Tamarit Motorcycles obviously accepted the invitation with enthusiasm and contributed by bringing two of our last creations, the motorcycles “La Virgen” and “Black Moustache”.

It was a great weekend indeed, the weather was great and we met a lot of builders and modern classics enthusiasts, a great plan to relax and enjoy.

Nevertheless, our rest and amusement would come to an end on the very best way because, during saturday evening, someone from the event Staff was looking for us around the place in order to talk about business. The person who was looking for us was Jose Maria, owner of a Triumph Bonneville T100 Carb, and he was interested in our previous works since a few months. Through blogs and social networks, he discovered our creations and fell in love with our designs on Triumph modern classics like his. Taking advantage of the fact that we were on Madrid that weekend, he went to the Revival Of The Machine party to have a talk with us and to task a new project on his bike. What a blessed weekend party then, where we got a makeover project from scratch just on the city still with no Tamarit Motorcycles riding through its streets.

triumph madrid

Once the event on capital city concluded, which we reiterate, we are so thankful for being invited to and being able to attend, we had to leave one of the two bikes we brought stored in Triumph Madrid to be sent by courier, since we could only carry two bikes in our truck. Yes, the interest of Jose Maria to work with us was such high, that we came to an agreement just in a matter of hours and he dropped his motorbike right away in Madrid, trust that we thank him so much.

Back to our workshop, the sketch ritual began in order to provide the client some ideas of what the project would become, but Jose María was quite positive about certain things. The makeover would have to revolve around certain pieces that Jose Maria, being perfectly aware of our catalog for Bonneville parts, asked to be installed no matter what. Those parts were the Tarifa seat for two, the Super Lopez sump guard and the Bocanegra exhaust system.

Some parts that were installed at the front were the Grand Bastard front fender (also featured in Pegaso, Santa María or Ronin), the ¾ headlight and the springs between forks. For the rear side, apart from the Tarifa seat would be also included the stainless steel chain cover, the smaller turning signals and a pair of 37 cm Ohlins shock absorbers. On the handlebar area, we opted of a motocross handlebar, which would be equipped with the chocolate Biltwell Kung Fu grips and a Kosso speedometer painted in white. On the sides, Jose Maria wanted to be included the oval shaped plate. About the performance, it would be highly increased thanks to the Continental TKC80 set of tyres, as well as the Bocanegra exhaust, whose roaring is also spectacular.


  • Model: Triumph Bonneville (Carb)
  • Year: 2006
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Capacity: 865 ccc
  • Exhaust: Boca negra
  • Headlight: 3/4
  • Handlebar: Flat extra-wide
  • Speedometer: Carb speedometer
  • Grips: Black Biltwell
  • Seat: Tarifa
  • Tyres: Mitas E07
  • Triumph parts – Tamarit Motorcycles:  Super López sump guard, chain cover, grip rearview mirrors, Pantera springs, Öhlins shock absorbers, Gran Bastard front fender, Santa María side cover, Dalua side cover, Regulation cross, Ignition key bracket, Front turning signals and irear turning signals

  • Design and paint job: Tamarit Motorcycles

triumph madrid
triumph madrid

Once the hardware part was finished, the time for the paint job came, always a sensible and volatile part, depending of it most of the outcome and final look of the project. The base colour would be white, escorted with some details painted in gray and orange. However, something very rare on the Tamarit workshop happened, since on the last minute the Tamarit team took back the decision of the colour orange and opted for a beautiful burgundy red for some details, that choice turned out to be total hit in the mark.
Those designs and lines would be extended all along the fuel tank and cowl as always on almost every Tamarit creation and as a curious fact, we opted for preserving the stock fuel tank little protector, something that we didn’t make since our very first project, Thruxt8n.

On the oval shape plate, Jose Maria didn’t want to put any number, but a little catch phrase that he wanted to put on his motorcycle. Some details that also stood out were the white paintjob on the valve covers, that gave so good results on previous Tamarit works such as Mr. Kevin or Santa María.

There was only left to deliver the bike to the owner, and just 4 weeks after bringing home his Bonneville after that bustling party held by Revival Of The Machine, we were back in Madrid to put in Jose Maria a huge smile on his face thanks to his new bike, something that we remember with huge pride and pleasure.

triumph madrid
triumph madrid
triumph madrid
triumph madrid
triumph madrid
triumph madrid
triumph madrid
triumph madrid

¿Interested in Carmela?

This motorcycle is one of the multiple projects that our clients have commissioned us. Tamarit Motorcycles works with 3 project models: the first, the client sends his Triumph Motorcycle to be modified. In the second, the client is responsible to Tamarit both the purchase and the modification of the motorcycle. And finally, the latest project model is to acquire a motorcycle in stock and modified by Tamarit Motorcycles.