Why a Gullwing?

History of Gullwing

For our designer, Quique Berna, the most beautiful car in the history of motoring is the Mercedes "Gullwings", no offense to anyone.

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, it occurred to us to do something that we had not done so far, a motorcycle designed by us without criteria or opinions of the client. Something that would satisfy us and that people could order "in series", the opposite of what we sell.

Quique gets down to work and designs a motorcycle inspired by the most proclaimed Mercedes car of the 50's. Mercedes brought out this car in 9 different versions, therefore, we would make 9 identical motorcycles in different colors.

New challenges to be solved

Motorcycle design

The inspiration is already clear, the Mercedes car. As we always say, one of the most artisanal and beautiful things about our work is that when we face a bike, we face new problems to solve. On this bike, Quique set out to create the first monoshock we had ever made, plus he wanted it to lift hydraulically with a key just like the doors on the Mercedes Gullwing.

Some acquaintances of the Cafe Racer world made an explanatory video, with an interview with us about the design work of this bike.

Gullwing and Gullwing X

The different versions

When you carry out a project of these characteristics, the budget is important with respect to the components. For this reason we have two versions, one called Gullwing and another more powerful one called Gullwing X.

The main difference between the two bikes is the radiator in the chassis, the Kineo rims, a carburetor and a custom made front fairing. This difference seems small but it is a noticeable difference between the two bikes.

They talk about Gullwing

The press surrenders to this bike

“El equipo de Tamarit Motorcycles se ha centrado en los elementos que lo han convertido en un icono: las curvas redondeadas de los faros, las puertas que se abren hacia arriba representadas por la cola de una pieza que se levanta hidráulicamente.”

“Tamarit Motorcycles el customizador español especialista de motos Triumph ha rizado el rizo y ha tocado la excelencia, ha creado la segunda integrante de la serie edición limitada de Tamarit, la Gullwing X.”

“Con un estilo café racer y el motor de una Triumph Thruxton 900, Tamarit nos ofrece una obra de arte como lo fue el alas de gaviota en su día.”

“En Tamarit Motorcycles saben bien lo que es trabajar con motos de la marca Triumph, en las que se han especializado para lanzar customizaciones únicas. Algunas de ellas tan exclusivas como la Gullwing X, para la que aseguran que han tomado la inspiración del Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.”

“For us, the Gullwing X is just the right mix of ‘modern’ and ‘classic.’ The styling is faultless, it’s got oodles of power, and it’s likely to be as reliable as any modern showroom bike.”

“Es una moto de edición limitada que ya ha conquistado medio mundo, con un motor icónico y un diseño innovador, entre los modelos neoclásicos.”

“Tan solo fabricará estas nueve unidades, cada una de ellas en un color, lo que garantiza acceder a un producto único y exclusivo. Cuentan, entre otros detalles que la hacen especial, con una llave digital con arranque por proximidad y ruedas TT Victory Classic.”

“Like many motorcycle aficionados, the Tamarit team also appreciate beautiful, iconic, and history-making automobiles. So they decided to build an homage to the Mercedes Gullwing”

“Tamarit lleva 5 años creando verdaderas obras de arte que son realizadas al detalle en sus instalaciones en Alicante. Pero, sin duda, el proyecto Gullwing ha supuesto un antes y un después en su trayectoria.”

“Dagli soagnoli di Tamarit Motorcycles, una cafe racer inglese in ediziones limita che rende omaggio alla bellezza di un'auto tedesca.”

Available colors

4 of 9 motorcycles sold

There are 5 bikes left to make from the different color combinations that were available, we have sold 4 in one year. Many people fill in the form to make a Gullwing, but they really want to make changes to the bike. This bike has a closed design, it can not be changed, so some of the people who fill in the budget end up making another Tamarit bike and not a Gullwing.

The colors that are available are the following:

Price, shipping and delivery times

By land and air

These two motorcycles are priced, depending on the version, from 29.900€, the basic version, and from 39.000€, the superior version (Gullwing X). The delivery time of these motorcycles does not depend on us, it can take from 3 to 9 months. Some components are difficult to obtain on demand.

After 4 motorcycles sold, we have one motorcycle still to finish some details to speed up the delivery time.

This bike is shipped anywhere in the world, we send the bikes by land in Europe and by plane to the rest of the world. The delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks to any part of the world.

Quiero una Tamarit Gullwing

Tamarit's heart

The motorcycle engine, the origin of everything and our sign of identity.

Unique parts never produced before

We invest hundreds of hours to create something totally new.

A true jewel

Jade, a success story that has been covered by the press around the world.

Tamarit warranty

Forget about unnecessary expenses and just enjoy what's important, your new motorcycle.

Specialization, specialists and specialized

Our added value, the world's largest specialist in Triumph engines.

Shipping to the UK

Tamarit bike in the UK, all about transport and regulations after Brexit.


This process differentiates us and stands out as a premium motorcycle brand.

The brain of the Tamarit

The brain that we put in our motorcycles has the ability to connect to your cell phone and give a huge list of information.