Motivated by a passion

Specialization, specialists and specialized

The word "specialist" is something that always accompanies us and that we are proud to carry by flag, the specialization in Bonneville engines was a decision motivated by a passion, which leads us to this story that we share with you here. 

The world's largest specialist

Our added value

Our strongest added value has always been our specialization in Triumph neoclassic engines, this has made us the world's largest specialist in these engines. No one has created so many bikes with the same Bonneville engine, with almost 125 unique bikes featured on our website and about 50 that we have not featured. The core value of this company is the specialization and our know-how.

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Our Know-how

After years of work and dedication, we have acquired the necessary skills to know what we can do with each motorcycle that arrives at our facilities. A know-how that makes us experts. You are in the best hands.

If there is something we are proud of, it is our hands, we have 7 mechanics on our team, who only work with the same engine over and over again. They are able to open it in hours, thanks to the experience acquired after opening more than 125 engines of the same brand. We are so confident in our work that we give a two year warranty on our work.

Done by specialists

A manual work

When a Triumph arrives and we have to disassemble it to start the project we are able to scrap the bike completely in less than 3 hours, it is almost a production chain in a manual, handmade and exclusive work.

We are not the only ones who believe in specialization, there is a group of specialists in each sector. Everything in the company is done by specialists. When we outsource a job, we try to do it with the greatest specialists, from our upholsterer selecting the leathers to those who develop this website. There are stories that inspire ours.

Success stories

Stories that inspire

Throughout history, there have been success stories that inspire us every day to believe that anything is possible. Modifications on a brand that have gone beyond what a complete brand is capable of building. Each one of them shows the great power of specialization.

Porsche by Singer

Singer's work on classic Porsche 911 models is something that for many has become the benchmark for restoring models, which retain pedigree and are enhanced with the latest powertrains.

Singer Vehicle Design is an American company that rebuilds and restores classic Porsche 911s. The company seeks to reimagine those manufactured between 1989 and 1994. These cars can have both Targa and Coupe bodywork; however, both, after passing through the hands of Singer Vehicle Design, usually end up being heavily modified vehicles. Many of the components fitted to them come from the racing world.

Singer's attention to detail, almost microscopic, is the key to their success. They strive for perfection in every job and this requires 4,000 man-hours of work per person to refurbish each car. A strong specialization in vehicle modification that clearly marks a milestone in automotive history.

What's more, Singer can now finally buy engines directly from Porsche - congratulations guys!


A great story that tells how the strong specialization in engineering, design and manufacture of racing engines achieves what they could never imagine. In 1964, when Mercedes-Benz decided to completely abandon the competition, the engineers and workers of the company Hans-Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher began to modify vehicles with which they could compete. They did this entirely by hand in the garage of the former's house in the small town of Grossaspach.

When the garage of the family house became too small, they decided to move to an old mill in the town of Burgstall, and in 1967 they created a company dedicated to specializing in engines for racing.

Thanks to the friendship that Hans-Werner Aufrecht maintained with those who had been his bosses, the AMG company began a new stage in which, without abandoning some participations in the competition, was dedicated to improving the aesthetics and performance of Mercedes-Benz.

This is how in 2014, Mercedes and AMG announced their first car and with it a new brand responsible for the development and manufacture of the highest performance versions of each range was created.

Horacio Pagani

After a failed attempt at Ferrari, Enzo Pagani was hired at Lamborghini, where he specialized in a material that years later would lead him to glory: carbon fiber. After a long time, he managed to get to a place important enough to talk face to face with Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the Italian company. Horacio told him that they should have their own division for the creation of composites such as carbon fiber.

The founder of Lamborghini did not agree with this, so Pagani decided to create his own factory by borrowing money from the bank. This is when he founded Pagani Composite Research in 1988. This new company collaborated with.

Lamborghini on numerous projects, including the redesign of the Lamborghini Countach, the 25th. Anniversary version, the P140 design concept and the Lamborghini Diablo.

In 1999, he revolutionized the automotive market with the first sports car made of carbon fiber, a technology he pioneered. An Argentinean who left his country with an illusion and many dreams, which today are realities.

Since 2015

Tamarit creates its own history

After years of work and experience, at Tamarit we are on the road to create our own. Since 2015, thanks to hundreds of customers who have trusted in the specialization of our work, more than 120 motorcycles tell the story of each owner. That's why we have blind faith in specialization. We don't say it ourselves, but the many success stories say it.

Tamarit's heart

The motorcycle engine, the origin of everything and our sign of identity.

Unique parts never produced before

We invest hundreds of hours to create something totally new.

A true jewel

Jade, a success story that has been covered by the press around the world.

Tamarit warranty

Forget about unnecessary expenses and just enjoy what's important, your new motorcycle.

Specialization, specialists and specialized

Our added value, the world's largest specialist in Triumph engines.

Shipping to the UK

Tamarit bike in the UK, all about transport and regulations after Brexit.


This process differentiates us and stands out as a premium motorcycle brand.

The brain of the Tamarit

The brain that we put in our motorcycles has the ability to connect to your cell phone and give a huge list of information.