Himalaya Sump Guard with PIAA lamps

Item description:

The Himalaya sump guard is a metallic device to install on the downside of the Motorcycle in order to act as a plate and protect the most sensitive parts of the motorcycle and avoid propelled objects during the ride.

This item also could be paired up with two PIAA fog lamps. If you want the lamps to be inlcluded on the order, select the correct option.

How to install the sump guard?

You just have to install the part using the same anchor points as the stock part. It is heavily recommended to attach all points at the same time and adjust them little by little.

Materials involved

This sump guard is made of 2mm thick stainless steel satin finish.
El cubrecarter está fabricado de acero inoxidable satinado de 2 milímetros de grosor.

Which Tamarit Motorcycle includes this sump guard?


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