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A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Titán’s story

When a new project begins in the Tamarit workshops, we get a chance not only of creating a new motorcycle and providing the bike of their dreams to our clients, but also to establish certain ties with a person who in the end, sometimes ends up being your friend. For many people the word “friend” could mean a lot, but honestly, is such an amount of contacts and heads up, calls and hundreds of text messages while the project is being developed that when the actual project is delivered we feel that more time has passed than truly had and that we know that person for long time. That’s why we love our projects, we can see and capture our client’s personality on their motorcycles.

After almost 40 projects we’ve encountered all kind of clients, some of them fickler and more insecure, and some others with hard-as-a-rock ideas. This time, Jorge (or Mr. Rodrigo as it was dearly nicknamed when this project took off) was the strong-willed type, so despite we could change or improve some aspects from his original idea, he was an individual with the ideas quite clear.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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We always say that our clients never fail to surprise us from time to time, and this project was no exception, since it was triggered from a very rare circumstance, but somehow beautiful: Jorge will be married soon and his fiancé, Mary, decided to give him as a marriage proposal present a motorcycle. On top of that, Mary couldn’t get enough with a regular and stock motorcycle, taking into account how high were the reasons and matters, she decided to go for something much more special and aimed for his fiancee dream motorcycle: a Modern Classic Triumph modified 100% according to his desires. When we got Jorge’s call to tell us about the situation and to task us the project, all of us wanted to have a girlfriend like Mary!

As said before, Jorge had a very accurate idea of he wanted to obtain from a Tamarit Motorcycles project, and through some internet pictures taken as an inspiration, and step by step we approached to what Jorge wanted exactly.

From his original idea we could agree some light modifications and improvements that according to our criteria were necessary. After several contacts via email and phone, we finally met in Madrid in order to do all the paperwork and finally begin with the project.

The bike chosen for this makeover, after several projects based on Triumph Bonneville (Barracuda, D. Franklin and Matricer), it was a Triumph Thruxton Carb air-cooled to our relief, which was 12 years old actually. Despite the huge resistance and reliability of the Triumph Machinery, we decided to heal up all the paint and the rest of the elements of the whole engine, as well as tuning the motorcycle up completely.

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In order to get exactly what the client wanted, we had to cut the lower frame and to shape a seat from scratch, which would be 100% unique for this project. Other parts and details that would be created in stainless steel were the front fender and the valve covers, which resulted in a awesome combination with the prevailing black colour of the whole project which is also present on the frame and engine.

Some of the parts included were the almost omnipresent Dalúa side covers, the Boludos exhausts, the headlight grill and the new belly pan The Son 2.0. About the imported parts we truly loved the Ohlins Black Line suspension system, which was the most important part brought from the outside along the usual Motogadget pack of switchboard, turning lights, speedometers and ECU.

The paint job was quite plain to be honest, the client wanted a rigorous matt black all along the motorcycle, except the fuel tank logo, which was brass treated.

Titán’s showcase

After that icy anechdote, the journey to Irons Cafe Racer (the place where the party would happen) passed by with no major trouble, even we had time to stop by the most iconic places of Madrid in order to get wonderful shots. Back to the introduction party, the Irons Café Racer shop turned out to be tiny for the amount of people attending the event, being everyone crowded together all around the unveiled bike worked by Tamarit Motorcycles.

In the middle of everything, there was one of the Tamarit founders, Quique, who acted as the MC. Equipped with a hands-free microphone, truly enjoyed the moment by talking to the audience about who were Tamarit Motorcycles, about the project and the works that the bike required. Just next to him was Titán’s owner, who was almost stupefied when the time for unveiling his wedding present came.

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Despite our work takes place mostly at the workshop or the office / showroom, sometimes we have the chance to escape from routine and hit the road, even if we’re still working, technically speaking. This time, the Tamarit Crew were on route to Madrid, where the introduction party of our last project TITÁN, would be held. Once the trailer was loaded and secured, we head to Madrid through the A-31, and halfway through, we saw everywhere incredible snowy landscapes where the snowflakes were stuffing up little by little.

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Maybe we where too excited (taking into account that we are seaside creatures, wouldn’t be that odd), since the next thing we did was stop by where we could and download the cafe racer bike to take some awesome pictures accompanied by such that added value. The problem was that maybe we asked for that “added value” too much, and the shy snowflakes out of the blue turned into a little blizzard, and we barely could stand out of the car without freezing or whistanding such climate conditions.

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