Black Moustache Motorcycle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Black Moustache story

By the end of 2016, Ruben, owner of one of the most famous barber shops in our hometown Elche, showed up in our headquarters (Tamarit’s shop and office).

Tamarit had already a good relationship with that barber shop since it was the set for a few motorcycle photo shoots and showcase for one of our most important creations ever: Mr.Kevin. It was during that period of time that Mr. Kevin laid on his gorgeous and central local, when Rubén fell in love with the prettiness of a modern classic, and promised himself that sooner or later that bike end up being his.

Nevertheless, this story begins somehow on a bittersweet way, because when Rubén came to us after some time was to buy Mr. Kevin itself, but unfortunately for him (and luckily for us) was previously sold to a client from Seville.

Despite Ruben’s initial disappointment, every cloud has a silver lining so he asked a project from scratch just like Mr. Kevin. He knew about one of our sacred policies: never to copy an exclusive Tamarit bike previously sold to a client so, he focused the proposal on a way that clearly persuaded us: he requested the challenge of surpassing Mr. Kevin.

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Afterwards, we arranged several meetings with the client to come to an agreement about the esthetic terms and the style of the motorcycle, about the exhausts, the fairing, the driving comfort…etc. However, everything went very smoothly since Rubén gave us the lead on the design’s development, which is the dream of every artist.

Tamarit Motorcycles project number 20 works were based on a Carb Triumph Thruxton, for which we had a wide range of parts ready for.

One of the similarities with Mr. Kevin that we could afford was to include the very same tyre configuration for this new project, a Mitas E07 at the rear and the K60 by Heidenau at the front.

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The wheel modification was completed by painting the hubs and rims painted in matte black. Instead of replacing the side covers with our known oval shaped plates, we opted for modifying the Jarama seat, including the plates made of stainless steel attached to the seat. Further works applied on the bike’s cowl were the eliminator kit which replaced the stock rear fender, the stainless steel chain cover and the footrests made of aluminum.

The side covers were finally replaced with Tamarit drilled ones and the stock shock absorbers were replaced by the Ohlins. The result was a rear part very sober and clear.

Something we never did before, was changing the default headlight for a ¾ one on a Café Racer, in order to achieve a clear front that matches with the rear part. Additional elements that were installed as well were the black metallic springs, the grip rear view mirrors, the Motogadget Tiny speedometer that replaced the stock speedometers and the front fender called “New Little Bastard”.

Finally, taking advantage that the exhaust system would be set on the upper part, we opted for including the Hummer sump guard to cover the frame, although the exhausts would play a big part concerning the thruxton motorcycle looking, since the part chosen was one of our crown jewels: the Gran Boludo exhaust.

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About the bike paint job, we wanted to achieve a viable union between the base black and the other parts in raw steel, then, some parts of the fuel tank were sanded down in order to get that steel effect that had the oval shaped plates of the rear, resulting in a finish touch that we genuinely loved, and so the client did.

After a few weeks of hard work, we held the routine photo shoots, both outdoor and indoor and the bike was finally delivered to Rubén.

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