Item description

The Jarama seat for Triumph measures 74x28x16 cm , a single seat that provides an outstanding comfort to the rider. Moreover, the Jarama seat is fire resistant and waterproof. This gorgeous part designed by Tamarit includes two handcrafted parts: the cowl Café Racer style and the upholstered seat.

¿How to install it?

All our seats and cowls are ready to be installed very easily by the owner because they use the same anchor points as the default parts. You only have to remove your original seat and set the Jarama seat using the same screws that were attaching the former seat.

Difficulty level: Very Easy

You can install this seat by yourself and the required time for installing it won’t be more than a few minutes.
You will need the following hardware: 5mm Allen key

¿Materials employed?

All the Tamarit parts are handcrafted with the best materials available. The Jarama seat is made of fiberglass, foam and nautic fabric. This materials are weatherproof.

¿Which Tamarit motorcycles include the Jarama Seat?

Thruxt8n, Alfa, Mr. Kevin, No Limits y The Son.


¿Any question about the Jarama seat?

Contact us without any obligation and we will answer in 24 hrs.