All you need to know about the Thruxton 1200 tail tidy

Made with very resistant materials and following a minimalistic design, the Thruxton 1200 tail tidy is a great option to upgrade the stock fender of this motorcycle. The Thruxton 1200 is an iconic modern classic, very well rounded and with an imposing style. If you are thinking of personalizing your motorcycle, browse the customizations we have done with this modern classic and the eliminator kit to get some inspiration.

Triumph Thruxton 1200 Tail Tidy Features

The Thruxton 1200 tail tidy is 47x20x15 cm and is made with 3mm iron, this resistant material ensures the part will not be easily broken. We also offer a two-year warranty in all our products available on the web. The eliminator also holds the number plate, and the LED rear lights in place. On the more detailed information page you will see a list of compatible motorcycle models.

Thruxton 1200 Fender Eliminator Installing

Plug and play is the term we use to describe the products that are very easy to install. The placement is simple and does not require experts or mechanics because we take into account the original anchors points of the original part made by the British brand. You can install this fender eliminator at home and in a few minutes. On the description page of each product, you will find step-by-step instructions, a list of the necessary tools, and a video explaining the process.


All our parts and accessories are shipped internationally in 72 hours, this way, motorcycle enthusiasts can have high-quality products wherever they are. If a part has to be painted, the shipping can take up to 15 days. The orders are prepared every working day and we carefully pack all items to make sure they are not damaged during the delivery. To know more about the shipping process, the warranty, and the return policy, go to the FAQ.

Contact our team

On each product description you will find a form to contact a member of our team and ask any question you have about that product. There are also forms on the customization projects to get a personalized quote and to know more about the process. If you want to know more about the way we work and have not found the information on the FAQ, you can go to the contact section and speak with our team through the Help center, our social media, or the WhatsApp number.

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