Post-Sale Forever

At Tamarit, we value your experience with your Tamarit motorcycle as much as you do. After the delivery of your motorcycle, we provide a personalized and exclusive service to ensure the optimal performance and operation of your bike. We are committed to providing you with additional support, and there will always be an expert at your disposal to advise you on any matter related to your Tamarit motorcycle.

Tamarit Care

Tamarit Care Warranty represents our commitment to your project, covering the parts and accessories installed in our facilities during the vehicle modification. This means that your investment is backed for a longer period, you could say, for a lifetime.

What's included in the delivery of my motorcycle

The delivery of your Tamarit motorcycle comes with everything you need to enjoy it without limits. Along with the motorcycle, you will find a user manual where you can consult all the technical aspects. If your motorcycle is equipped with Motogadget technology, you will also find a document explaining all the steps to activate the application and make the most of its features. In addition to this, you will also receive the motorcycle's documentation, and in certain cases, some additional important documents for the project may be included.

Tamarit Care+

We want to accompany you as long as your Tamarit does. Tamarit Care+ warranty is a monthly proposal that provides you with a lifetime warranty to enjoy your motorcycle. It's an extension of the original motorcycle warranty, covering all the parts that have been modified by us, in addition to an annual inspection and the possibility for us to handle technical inspections for you.