Stalker Motorcycle

Triumph custom motorcycle designed and built by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Stalker story

The Half a hundred delivered custom motorcycles milestone has been lingering around since many projects ago. As soon as such a nice number was approaching, we were running out of words that somehow could depict what Tamarit could really feel for being able to complete and deliver 50 motorcycles in our jackets. No one could’ve imagined that we would get this far, and certainly no one would’ve placed a bet a dime in favour of that little journey that began on that lousy shack covered by cheap iron plates.
If someone would’ve stated that such a place would be the first stone and the beginning of 50 builds, it would’ve been treated as a nutter, or accused for taking certain spiritual substances.

And finally the long-awaited day “50” arrived, not because STALKER would be a better bike than the former ones because we always stick to what every client desires, but for reaching such wonderful number that only a few could grasp: only a handful of builders can boast 50 builds and certainly no one could have that amount of the same brand and concept. Only us.
So be it, we were lucky enough for the 50th project to be a massive project, a top notch build that little by little was forged inside Bartolomé’s head, the owner. No need to say that Tamarit Motorcycles was truly pleased with the final result, in a way that we couldn’t even imagine from the beginning.

Each motorcycle is one of a kind.

Triumph custom builds according to the client’s tastes.

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During January 2019 we got the call from Bartolomé, a guy from Mallorca, who has been travelling around Asia, specially Thailand, and during his stay there he got in touch very close with the Café Racer trend. It’s worth mentioning that Thailand precisely is one of the asian countries where the furor for the Modern Classics has literally exploded being a reference. Bartolomé, excited because all the motorcycles that were riding around the streets, visited a well-known shop in Thaliland: the one ruled by the builders Zeus Customs. That visit was what created the spark inside him that became the exclusive triumph bike project number 50 for Tamarit Motorcycles. Nevertheless the idea wasn’t still clear since he was quite new in this universe and lacked further info, so several concepts where proposed but we couldn’t make the click on Tolo at first, because he couldn’t properly visualise the thruxton project. That’s how we borrowed some time in order to make a render sketch that acted basically as an studio photograph, and thanks to that hyper realistic sketch and the fact of watching in real life the Speedster project (that was in our showroom by the time Tolo visited us) he got in love with the future Stalker project. Firmly positive, Bartolomé gave us all powers for the project development and Tamarit engines got fired up again.

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Stalker’s showcase

Stalker was released with all the pomp and circumstance that the 50th bike from Tamarit was worthy for. Therefore, all the modern classic collective was summoned again to a new event where, as always, had plenty of nice vibes, nice beer and obviously plenty of motorcycles along the 50th, the main event dressed in red Thruxton 900 that has the honour of breaking the half hundred limit and set a new milestone for us.

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The donor bike had to be a Thruxton 900 Carburetor, a bike that completely drives us crazy (in good sense!) and the idea was a Café Racer but, with a little twist on it. First of all we wanted to bring down the motorcycle all what Tolo’s height and homologation limits would allow. Moreover, front triple tee bars were cut by six cm, and same cuts were made at the rear part in order to reduce the height of the shock absorbers as much as possible. There were only room left for two little seats for pilot and passenger. Soon the problems started to crop up, because due the thruxton motorcycle extremely reduced length, there were no room for something that despite everyone wants out, it’s mandatory to carry: the Number plate. Therefore, a new part was developed from scratch in order to hold the number plate like floating, and the tail light would be a LED stripe inserted on the frame. Also on the rear part would be equipped with: Motogadget turning signals, Tamarit chaincover, footrests, the new Speedster exhausts and a stunning double seat completely handmade. The sides were covered by the Ruby side plates, with the KN power filter at plain sight, same as other new projects like Appalachia or Blimburn.

At the front it’s obvious that the most important part is the numeric control mecanized alluminum triple tee, and a tiny Motogadget Scope Pro was inserted along the led lights on the top of the triple tee, giving a truly minimalist result, also it’s worth mentioning the 3/4 headlight, pantera springs, Motogadget turning signals at the bar end, motogadget ECU, KustomTech levers, bar end mirrors, new little bastard fender, Motone fuel tank cap, hummer sumpguard. All the metal parts such as the engine covers, bottles, valve covers, were covered in satin metal and the result was amazing.

Regarding the colour, its true that the main atraction would be the engine coat but the motorcycle would be painted in shiny colours such as crimson red and few details painted in white that infatuated both crew and client.

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Stalker starred in a long-awaited video depicting Tamarit’s activity up to date, which was shooted on Mallorca’s cliffs, so the Tamarit Team travelled there for the weekend in order to get the best shots possible. There are no words that could describe what we feel by watching this video, also for everyone who has been interested in our work, which spans now more than half a hundred motorcycle, and there are more to come!

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