Thruxton 8 Motorcycle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.

Thruxt8n story

As the slogans for an uncountable number of books and movies go, every story has its beginning. If we had to pinpoint an starting line for the Tamarit Motorcycles adventures, no doubt that would be this one, the first makeover ever done by our crew on a Triumph Thruxton 900cc, crew that quite frankly was consisted by only an individual, Quique, being helped by some professionals from each branch to carry all the tasks required. Quique, founding member of Tamarit Motorcycles, came across the idea of a range of parts valid for many Triumph neoclassic models, while he was thinking about modifying the seat of his Thruxton. By thinking not were to buy a new seat but which seat would be the best to his motorcycle, he started developing the first part ever done by Tamarit, the Jarama seat.

As he could foresee all the whirlwind that would appear the upcoming years, he decided to not restrict the seat case only for his Triumph Thruxton 900cc, but providing it with a versatile design in order the fit in other Triumph bikes, just in case his friends wanted one seat like his as well.

Afterwards, a friend of Quique named Miguel Angel, eventually posted on his blog the finished version of the Jarama seat, and some people started to be interested by this product, which made Quique to be determined to develop more parts. After the seat arrived gradually parts like the oval shaped plate, the eliminator kit, the chain cover, the footrests, the Boludos exhausts and a short fender for the front, called to replace the enormous stock front fender on its modern classic motorcycles.

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Just by naming them, the creation of all the parts seems an easy task, but things get really laborious when you lack the proper knowledge for it. For example, developing a pair of motorcycle exhausts would be an impossible task to carry without the help from a professional.

After a few months dedicated to parts development, finally our first real order took place, and had to be delivered nothing but The Golden State, California. Despite the initial excitement, we had such a pressure because our inexperience that we barely could send the part set properly.

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Thruxt8n was the first motorcycle ever to be modified in our workshop, and that’s why there’s a special place in our hearts for her. Due its newness, this makeover was a great experience for us.

Nevertheless, despite our lack of experience we had the motorcycle concept to create very clear, a Café Racer based on a Triumph Thruxton 900cc, single seated, featuring exhausts on both sides, a front fender shorter than the default one, a headlight bracket in order to remove the stock trims and obviously, an eliminator kit to replace all the rear stock parts. The colours chosen would be sober and elegant, a clear reflection of what would become the Tamarit style during the upcoming years.

Maybe these stories would be understood by not so many people, but if you’re reading this piece of text on this very moment, for us is very important once you look back, because the nowadays maelstrom is quite hard taking a few minutes to remember how the time has passed and what we’ve become. How something that tiny could become in our lifestyle for us.

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Finally, to conclude this Triumph Thruxton 900cc story, once this project was finished, it was truly everyone’s envy and served as a wonderful wandering advertisement for us, since other 3 more bike projects did lay down on our hands, and Tamarit motorcycles started at full throttle.

After certain amount of time, Quique sold the long enjoyed Thruxton to a man named Toni Gandía. Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be a farewell, since after a few years Toni would be back with Thruxt8n to task us a new makeover, and Thruxt8n was transformed into the beautiful Juna. Thank you Toni for trust us once again!

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