No Limits Motorcycle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


No Limits story

Nowadays, it is no open to debate how vital is for any company the presence on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… etc. Even more if you are dedicated to selling on-line, but apart from the social network significance, Tamarit Motorcycles is aware of how important is the client satisfaction because, a client fulfilled worths two clients. The best letter of introduction for Tamarit is nothing but our finished works to be moving around the streets, our clients to feel happy and eventually one satisfied client is very likely to bring another one.
Luckily , Tamarit Motorcycles works move around cities as: Málaga, Madrid , Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia, Ibi, Elda, Girona, Paris, Milan and of course Elche, our hometown.Por suerte, las motos Triumph Bonneville y Thruxton modificadas por Tamarit Motorcycles circulan por ciudades de la familia Triumph España tales como: Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia, Ibi, Elda, Girona, París, Milán y por supuesto Elche, nuestra ciudad.

On this case, Manolo, future owner of the “ No Limit” motorcycle, came accompanied by an old friend and client of us.

One saturday morning we got a phone call, was Manolo, who introduce himself and told us that the phone number was handed over by a close friend and client of us. He was interested in getting a motorcycle, but in that moment he had nothing in clear, neither the brand or the model, least of all the concept. We met him and explained to him the Tamarit Motorcycles concept and only a few minutes after the decision of purchasing a Triumph Thruxton was already taken. Next thing to do was to choose the proper style, Scrambler or Café Racer.

Each motorcycle is one of a kind.

Triumph custom builds according to the client’s tastes.

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After a few days, Manolo got himself straight and went for a Thruxton Café Racer. First a motorcycle should be acquired, since Manolo didn’t own any. Finally a carb Triumph Thruxton 900 (all-time favourite in Tamarit Motorcycles) was the chosen one.

We have different kinds of clients: those who already own a motorcycle and want to customise it, those who don’t have a motorcycle and we search the motorcycle for him and then we begin the makeover, and last but not least those who buy a finished project, meaning a motorcycle that has been already transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.

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Manolo was one of those clients who didn’t own a motorcycle, but he decided to search the bike by himself and eventually found it in Barcelona and brought it to us to begin with the makeover process.

Two days after the purchase, the Thruxton arrived to our workshop and we put all hands on deck. It was kinda a piece of cake for us, since Manolo was infatuated but one of our creations, Thruxton 8, and wanted something similar. Procedures were clear: strip the engine down and tune it up after, liquids and electric system check, paint job, rims, tires and built everything on.

We brought to the table a wide range of Tamarit motorcycle parts such as: the fender eliminator kit, Boludos exhausts, turning signals and holders, chain guard, sump guard, Jarama seat, headlight grill, custom numbered plate, front fender and a five holes bracket.

Regarding the paint job for the Thruxton, we opted for a matte army green and a matte silver green which along the upholstered seat on camel colour resulted in an spectacular combination.

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Once the Thruxton makeover was completed, we were lucky counting with Manolo’s wife as a “partner in crime”. She took his husband out for dinner and our crew in the meantime placed the motorbike in the parking lot for his huge surprise.

There are not two equal bikes by TMRT.

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