Triumph Street Twin Brat Style

The Triumph Street Twin is the economic range of the English brand, introduced as a novelty in the new generation of liquid-cooled motorcycles. It is the motorcycle capable of retaining all the neoclassical DNA of Triumph at a more affordable price, being able to give you all the experience of a Street Twin Brat Style classic motorcycle.

Triumph Street Twin Brat Style: perfect match

The Triumph Street Twin can be transformed into various styles, given its versatile character similar to the Triumph Bonneville. In particular the Street Twin Brat Style is one of those that fit naturally in this range. A trend originating in Japan that proposes a motorcycle for urban use and a comfortable position with the exhausts always in the lower area of the bike. A Triumph Street Twin Brat Style is the most suitable, especially for those users who want to use their motorcycle mainly for medium distances and mostly in the city.


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