What is the Scrambler style?

A Scrambler style is basically an all-terrain concept applied to a bike. This motorcycle is usually fitted with elements that make the riding easier in the city, but also in rural paths as muddy grounds, sand, grass, rocks…

Scrambler style origin

At the end of the 60s, the Scrambler style comes from the hand of young fans of illegal races, also promoted by another tendency: the Café Racer. This concept arises because of the joy of competing to be the first between one café and another. At the beginning, these races were celebrated in paved roads, but a few maverick guys started to figure out how they could save time in the journeys – so they began to create off-road shortcuts. Due to the change of terrain, the followers of this tendency had to invest time in modifying their bikes, so they would be adapted to any kind of paths.

“There are no limits with a Scrambler bike, but the ones in your mind”.

These transformations led to the creation of some features which will define an essence towards polyvalence and speed. The Scrambler style bike thus became a suitable bike for all kind of uses, whether for a day-to-day routine or a cross-country getaway. In a nutshell, a fully rebel concept which breaks with other recurring styles of the day.

Scrambler Bike characteristics

Because of the transformations made in order to be up to standard in ground paths or any other surface, these bikes have some representative traits. The Scrambler style bikes are well known by having a higher suspension travel than the roadside bikes, and they are equipped with knobby tires or mixed ones, to reduce the impact in bumps or jumps. In the same line, the Scramble style has a wide handlebar and an exhaust in the upper side of the bike, so it cannot be knocked and harmed in ground paths. They also feature a plain and long seat to facilitate the mobility in search for a better traction.

When making a new project with the goal of achieving a Scrambler style bike, the best option could be starting from a Triumph Scrambler. However, we have built in our workshop a lot of Scrambler projects from a Bonneville.

Despite a Bonneville Scrambler will not output the full Scrambler style look, we are able to deliver a great result thanks to the adaptability of our accessories. The Scrambler style bike mixes the simplicity of the Modern Classic aesthetic with the engine power of an all-terrain bike, becoming an iconic reference with unlimited options.

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